Rod Sloane of Predictable University

Rod Sloane

UK Manager at Predictable University

Apart from building one of the largest LinkedIn Groups from scratch, Rod lives and breathes cold emailing. He cold emails every day to other businesses. Rod is pure B2B.

If your average deal size is $5,000+, then you will want to listen to Rod. Rod runs successful webinars aimed at his target market.

Rod is a firm believer in research, niching and your Ideal Client Profile. Rod believes that the email is the first start of the sales process, not the end.


My Cold Email Tips For B2B Outreach (Know Your Niche)

 I’ve spent all my life in B2B, so I know what it’s like to break into a new client relationship for the first time.

I’ve worked all across the sales process and now I work as a sales coach.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Rod’s success

 Using cold email tips for B2B outreach

Result if you follow the steps in Rod’s session

Define your niche, ideal client profile, and give you a look into what problems they’re currently facing

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Let’s now move on to this thing called the ideal client profile. So the ideal client profile is a subset of your niche. So my niche SaaS companies, my ideal client profile is a SaaS company based in the UK, that has between 5 and 30 employees.

This product been in existence for between two to five years. So I’m not targeting big monster companies like Oracle or Salesforce. I’m not targeting startups. So that’s what I’m not targeting. I’m targeting someone businesses already. Why do I pick that that size? It means I can get access quite easily to the CEO, the sales director, the decision maker.

If I’m trying to target, you know, Salesforce or Oracle, who makes the decisions in Salesforce or Oracle? It’ll take you take a year to understand that concept alone. So that’s the reason.

So your ICP, your ideal client profile, is a subset of your niche as the legacy goes on and may say, okay, I want to target somebody who’s literally just lost their biggest customer, target somebody whether it was an interview director, so that your niche needs to be something that you can explain and explain why. So that’s your ideal client profile, subset of your niche.

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