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Rod Watson

Luxury Real Estate Specialist at The Watson Group

Rod Watson is a Luxury Real Estate Specialist at The Watson Group. He builds influence that leads to business opportunities to build your brand. He’s done this over three years building over 10,000 followers on Instagram doing over 100 new followers every month on average, and since 2013, he’s been able to generate over $100,000 in revenue.

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So whenever you take a photo, and you’re uploading that photo into Instagram, most people just would post it with their content and maybe use a few hashtags. And that’s it, where you’re missing out on a big opportunity, which are geo tagging.

Because what happens is that if when you decide to start your own, should you just start shooting, start using geotags, they will show your location and where you want to start focusing on in place cypresses if you’re an agent, and you’re doing a lot of sales, in particular area geographical territory, you should know if whether you’re out front of that property or whether you’re inside the home, you take a photo or video you should tag that location. It’s like breadcrumbs.

So what happens is people who are on those hyperlinks or should I say those geo tags, if you look at the tag, most of them have a large amount of actual posts that have been posted there.

So what happens is you have a top post, and top post section and at the bottom of the remaining photos, so if you are being consistent with posting in a particular area, your photos are going to start to pop up in the top posts edge.

And what that does is, allows people, it allows them to get to the location, you to get your presence or your brand or your marketing out there in front of those people that you want to see it specifically in a geographical area and then you pick up new followers that way.

And what I always do when I used to geotag is I don’t just post. I actually go back in and I liked every one of the top posts and I like everyone actually associated to that tag because what happens is, that people want to know that you’re interested in them as well you know, it’s one thing to post something but to increase engagement, you want to jump over and start commenting on those other people’s photos.

You don’t have to comment in on everyone but let’s just say if there are 108 near, then okay to comment in on five or six, seven, but like all hundred if you have the ability to do so. So that can be a little bit tedious but I’ve learned through time and how I’ve able to been able to build my account, so you got nothing else to do to, sit there, like a bunch of photos and comment on.

Yeah, of course and you know, you have to be strategic about this. People out there they might be thinking, oh, I just need to go out there and like and comment things but you have to be doing it in the right way targeting the right tags.

And just just on that like, can you maybe walk us through specifically how you do that? Like, okay, so you jump on Instagram and then what’s kind of the next steps? Can you walk us through that?

Yeah, I usually try to you know, each day I have my content, all my photos already pretty much pre selected on what I’m going to post. So I always try to post a lifestyle post meeting showing where I am.

So let’s just say for instance, know where my offices today I actually posted me walking outside showing the community, showing when we moved into our new office and you’re not, you know. Later today, I’m going to take that, that specific location actually lights went out here. So sorry about that. They’ll come back on a second timer.

But the when I tagged that location, what I then do next is that I come up with the content that I want to write. So it’s more serious storytelling like really sharing. You know, here’s why. Here’s what I’m doing. And here at the, you may want to know about this area of his location, cool things to see or do, or here’s what’s coming.

And then once I’m done, I actually will go in and I’ll select the actual geotag location. And sometimes that can be several where you are, what you want to do is you want to look at the ones that have the most post on them, where people are posting the most. And it’s almost like seeing a group of people that would gather to a specific area or like even see what a stadium and they’re just posting a lot of photos and content and those are the tags that we want to live.

If you already noticed it, the tag has a lot of followers, a lot of actual post on it, then go ahead and select that with you. On short, you may have to post first and then come back and it’ll change the locations after you will get a couple of them but that’s typically what I do.

I pre-select my photos on my videos, and I come up with my own content on my copy and I go ahead and I post it and it’s always about lifestyle. If I’m, I very rarely will post, I think if you go look at my page, you will see thing that shows just so you know, call right if you want to buy a home, it’s more lifestyle. It’s more about who I am as a person of the people that I’m connected with.

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