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Ryan Robinson

Entrepreneur and content marketing consultant

Ryan is an entrepreneur and content marketing consultant to the world’s top experts & growing startups. He also teaches over 200,000 monthly readers how to start and grow a profitable side business.

Ryan has helped companies like LinkedIn, Zendesk and CreativeLive build content marketing funnels that have generated hundreds of thousands of email subscribers over the past few years. With his own blog, ryrob.com,  he has grown his  traffic to more than 200,000 monthly readers and actively convert his audience into paying customers for his online courses.


How To Ask For A Customer Testimonial (Call + ? = Authentic Video)

I love hopping on phone calls with my subscribers. It’s an incredible way to connect with your audience on a deeper level and it can help you convert more sales too.

I don’t recommend this for every type of sale…

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Asking for a customer testimonial

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As I said, every time I’m taking these phone calls with my subscribers, with, you know, just readers, with people that are actual paying customers, I’m taking notes about what they’re saying. So I’m taking down bullet points about you know, like, if someone went through one of my free courses, for example and said, “oh, man like this one particular thing is what really jumped out at me and I was able to, you know, do XYZ from it”.

Then that for me, right, there is a quick little testimonial that I can use somewhere on a course sales page. And regardless of whether or not it was, you know, a map, a life changing transformation, it’s something positive that people have said about me and I can share with others.
And then you know, the more you share these sorts of little testimonial bits, the more opportunities you’re creating for other people to resonate with what they’re reading on sales pages. And so that’s just like one small example.

And then, you know, beyond that, like I’m always just trying to ask unique questions that will get to the core of what these customers real challenges are. So a lot of people think that, you know, in the context of starting their own business, one of the biggest hurdles is having enough money or having enough time.

And by really digging into what’s underneath those assumptions, you often find that it’s kind of like, they just need to build more trust and confidence in themselves.

And so when I’m able to sort of walk someone through that process of seeing that, you know, they’re all these surface level excuses, that are kind of just hiding deeper seated issues that they need to trust themselves and to have a little bit more courage to try and to experiment in order to build that confidence.

That right there is like it completely reaffirming to the message that I’m trying to create for my audience and it kind of just shows you that the sales page, you know, the sales emails I go through need to walk people through this journey.

And, you know, one way that that’s actually played out in my business is the first time I launched the course, I kind of you know, said like, okay, here’s this thing, it’s ready, come buy it. And not many people bought, because not many people were ready to buy, they didn’t have that sort of courage or that confidence in themselves.

And so that taught me that I needed to go through this process. Building up their courage and helping them get to the point where they felt ready to invest in themselves. And so that’s been a huge takeaway that’s come from, you know, sort of months and even years actually of doing this.

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