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Sapph Li

Founder of Art of Emails
Sapph is a sales copywriter and strategist. She has created many cold email approaches and email campaigns for clients and companies including Pushcrew, Roomi and Everycloud. She is the founder of Art of Emails. 



3 Email Follow Up Strategies When The Lead Has Gone Cold

Have you ever been in a situation where months have gone by and you still have not received a response from a lead you’ve contacted. You send follow up after follow up with a simple email subject. Something along the lines of “I am just following…

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Sapph’s success
Semi-automating the process to send mass personalized cold emails.
Result if you follow the steps in Sapph’s session
Reach leads that have gone cold then replicate and automate for your entire list.

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So, for one of the email sets I provide there to focus on follows all emails specifically. Follow-ups to cold emails or initial outreach to sales prospects. So, and they’re following up is probably one of the most important processes of the sales of sales. Just because a lot of I’m sure everyone has done it experiences.

A lot of people don’t respond to the first email whether they just didn’t see it or they’re too busy to respond at a time so it really helps to have even like a few emails sort of in the pipeline that you’re ready to send em so that you can catch these people at a later date when they may be whether they just catch them in the right time or they are finally in the right at the right budget or needs to want to respond to you and so that’s that’s the  inspiration for these.

There’s always gonna be like subset of prospects in your list who just like they don’t respond at all even after like you send one or two emails to  ask them. So it helps to have to like, what I do is I use you can use different types of email tools now they offer this but there’s example would be like streak or mix max and just a reminder for yourself.

So though like poorly looks like three months later or four months later and what it does it will bump this email back to the top of your inbox and that eight so you’re reminded to follow up with them or alternatively you can schedule an email to be sent from later.

My approach that I find best works for me connecting with people that you haven’t spoken to in few months is either like you just subscribe to updates in their industry or to updates with their company.So, for example let’s say that you’re prospecting, the marketing director of a startup right and maybe like they didn’t respond to your first emails in a few months past this and you’re tracking their company news and you see that they just raise your refund or like something change in an industry like they have a big maybe Google did something that affects their business.

So, you can use that as a as a reason to be connected saying that, “Hey I noticed that this happened in your company,”or “This happened in your industry and here’s,” and you connected it back to your services of your products like for example let’s say that you talk for some sort of marketing automation products or you offer mmm marketing consulting you say okay now that you raise amount of money or like or now in rapid growth phase.

Here’s how we can help better yourself and help you so always like I find that when the key takeaways is that it’s always helpful to have compelling reason to connect you’re not just saying, “Hey how’s it going,” you know a long time to talk there’s you it’s always good to have a reason to be connected based on the needs or recent development of some of the person you’re speaking with.


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