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Sarah Duvall

Founder at Core Exercise Solutions

Sarah Duvall is the founder of Core Exercise Solutions. She started her business in person and had a big transition to the online world.

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So getting that first client was painstakingly hard because my online following was incredibly different from my in person following. It’s just a different clientele.

So I wasn’t sure what questions to ask, who I should address. I had an idea but it wasn’t
quite for them. So I ran some incredibly expensive Facebook ads, got those first 10 people it was so exciting. That’s for it.

You think, oh my gosh, to 10 people. There’s first 10 people to sign up. It was incredible. And I reached out to all 10 of those people and ask them a list of questions.

Where are you from? Who are you? What are your goals? What do you want out of life? How do you see this benefiting? You tell me in your own words, what you’re looking for.

And then I was really able to nail down who my target audience was. And that is incredibly important. When you’re looking at building your system, you’ve got to know who you’re talking to. And so I had to figure out who I was talking to first, and finding those first 10 people was quite challenging.

Yeah, I can imagine. And it sounds like you’ve taken some of them maybe the principles of, you know, that face to face meeting where you get to kind of sit down, talk to them and understand them, get to know them a little bit better. So, are just doing it via phone, or was there a video in this case?

Well, it was phone. I just called them on the phone. It was like 20 to 30 minute conversation just, hey, I want to get to know you. And that really gave me insight into who I was talking to online and then that helped me hone and direct my newsletter sequence.

So then when we start talking about funnels, I am directing to is that person that I talked to on the phone and I got that idea of that persona and like, okay. And that’s who I’m addressing now.

I think that’s really powerful with the online space people who maybe just start online first, without doing that, you know, the face to face beginning maybe skip the part of getting to know the customer, they can think, well, I’m not talking local here to you know, be around the corner. I’m talking to the whole world here. So they almost become generic.

And I think what the process you went through, everyone needs to go through because you really need to know exactly who you’re speaking to and speak to that person because when people are actually receiving those communication, they’re going to feel like they’re being spoken directly to which I’m sure has had a big impact.

Do you want to talk to us about the personalization, how that has impacted your business? And let’s then jump into the email sequence.

Well, yeah, I mean, if you’re trying to talk to everybody, you’re going to end up talking to no one, you’re not going to resonate with anyone.

And if you’re not resonating with them, you’re not going to connect to them, then you’re not going to be able to sell anything, because there’s not gonna be that connection on for the service that you’re trying to provide for them and how you’re trying to help them.

So I think it’s important to be yourself and to be opinionated, a little bit so that you can connect there. So going back to that personalization, after interviewing those 10 people and kind of getting a really good picture, they were very similar.

Apparently, I attract a type driven women who want to be in better shape after having a baby. So that was ideal, down my target on that. It sounds like all right, I can write to this woman.

So then, I had that picture of who my target audience was, who resonated with me best. And then when I sit down to write that email sequence, get that funnel in place, I’m connecting with that specific person in mind.

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