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Sarah Moore

Founder at New Leaf Book Nook

Sarah Moore is a copywriter and blogger with a master’s degree in journalism and a full-time business helping others create boutique copy for websites, blogs, ads and more.

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Yeah, it was actually more intuitive than I expected to begin engaging with my followers. When I had hit about 20,000, I decided that I needed to start a blog. And so I started a blog. And pretty quickly from there, I started getting followers, subscribers, that was really cool.

People came to me to learn about how to succeed on Instagram to read book reviews to sort of you know, just talk about bookish things, publishing authors, art, that kind of stuff. And it, shortly after starting the blog occurred to me that I could, you know, start leveraging this audience to make sales.

And so I started just creating downloadable products. I have several up on my blog right now one is called how to create an Instagram system. That’s all about how to just systematize Instagram. So instead of being this, you know, big, scary threatening social media chore that you have to do, it’s just easy and stream, you know, streamlines like what I do every single day, it doesn’t feel like extra work.

I have a short little one called how to, you know, create a shelfie, which the hashtag shelfie is a big deal in the bookstore grand community, is just a picture of your bookshelves. And a lot of people ask me, how do you arrange your bookshelves and so I was like, oh, you know.

I can make money from this. And so I just have a really cheap download that I have actually been able to sell quite a number of. So basically, was very intuitive for me to start making money from my audience just by answering questions that they wanted answered with expertise that I had built over the last year.

And it wasn’t hard. Another of the downloads that I have up there is how to start a writing business. And since I’ve had a successful one for four to five years, again, that wasn’t hard either.

So you just need to avoid the curse of the guru and assume that everything you know is obvious because it is not you have real actual experience and expertise that people really want to know about. And then you just need to find the questions that people want answers to and don’t have an answer then and it’s really pretty simple.

I love that, that you brought up those few different things because it is simple. It’s about just spending time on the platform and engaging and obviously finding those right hashtags and those communities within Instagram which you know, they might not pop straightaway, but you will find them if you’re engaging in the content that is right for your business.

And talking about systemizing I mean, this is almost the main topic of what our, I wanted to cover today was okay, you’re doing a full time job, you’re now also, you know, spending one to two hours a day on Instagram, how do you systemize that? Do you want to walk us through your process?

Yeah, so, the first a caveat, which is that my system changes, I would say, all the time. I have been slowly working towards a system though that is sticking over the last year. And I actually think I’m nearly there.

So I work from home. So that makes it a little bit easier for me to run my time the way I wanted to, but I actually believe that the system I use is one that could be used by anyone, even if you have a nine to five.

So in this sort of advanced Instagram age where Instagram has definitely exited its infancy. We all know about it, many of us know how to use it, it’s no longer necessary to feel like you are having to snap and post in the moment. And that is something that was definitely there in the beginning.

And if you were taking pictures earlier and then posting them, you had to tag them latergram, but with the move towards many, many very curated feeds, and especially with the move towards using Instagram for business that is no longer necessary. And so I capitalized on that freely by taking all of my pictures in batches.

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