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Savvas Zortikis

Co-founder at Viral Loops

Savvas Zortikis is the CEO of Viral Loops, a VC-backed viral and referral-marketing SaaS platform. More than 3,000 websites are capturing new customers using Viral Loops.

He also co-founded GrowthRocks, one of the first growth-marketing agencies, with a #1 ranking on Google.

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So the first thing that you need to do is that you need to sit down and think what other great companies and popular companies have achieved by using what your product offers. And it’s not necessary that they achieved it using your own product.

For example, Dropbox has grown through referrals, and has been a great growth engine through referrals, but they don’t use Viral Loops. Instead, but what we do, is that we leverage that and we write content, we have the templates.

So what happens for example, I’m in a lot of conferences that I’m speaking, that they’re asking me, you’re from Viral Loops with the Dropbox style referral program. So the association happen even if these brands don’t use your own product. So this is the first step that you need to do.

The second step is that you can take these examples and build templates and use cases. So as I already mentioned, we have the referral program inspired by Dropbox inspired by Airbnb, or inspired by Harris. So we do the same.

Just to give you another example, let’s say drift, the marketing automation and sales automation software has also ready made templates for gathering email subscribers, or for qualifying your leads automatically. So what they could do is that for example, they could take some great case studies that other big companies have achieved with email list building and they could say for example, that this email templates, I mean, email list building template is inspired by this company.

But of course, drift is quite big right now. So maybe they don’t want to blend, let’s say, other brands to their own brand. If you’re in that case, and you’re at growth states, what you can do is that you can take again these case studies from your own clients.

I think a great example of this is how Airtable does it, in case you’re not familiar with Airtable, it’s a great platform that you can use it for your spreadsheets, and it also acts like a database. It’s really nice. And it’s used by a ton of companies, they’re quite huge.

So what they did, is that they created the table universe, as they call it, which is basically a showcase of how other companies use a table. So for example, if you if you get there you will find templates, that Campaign Monitor, the email marketing platform uses. Or Front, another great app user, you will find a ton of examples with templates.

And what happens there is when you go to Airtable, the universe, you see that all of these companies Airtable, you see their templates, and you can try them and use them for your own business. So you can do the same. The same thing by creating a directory, let’s say of how your clients use your own product.


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