Scott Oldford of Infinitus

Scott Oldford

Strategy and Direction at Infinitus

Starting as an Entrepreneur at age 7 and being in the Internet Marketing world since 10 years old Scott Oldford has always had a natural eye for opportunity and Entrepreneurship.

Over the years he’s helped clients grow their email lists to hundreds of thousands in various niches and utilize it to build their revenues in an effective way.

In 2014 he decided to do the same for himself and in a short 16 months was able to use a variety of tactics to grow his email list of Entrepreneurs from 2,600 to 42,000.

He currently helps Entrepreneurs that earn between $100k to $1m utilize effective online marketing funnels with Email Marketing at the forefront of the lead nurturing stage and specifically teaches models based on behavioural data, content consumption, scoring and surveying to email leads differently based on their mindset and engagement.


Building Up Your List And Finding The Right “Lane” For Every Prospect

One of the biggest problems all businesses face is lead generation. Email marketing is the best way I know to build a relationship with a large group of people.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Scott’s success

Building the list and finding the right lane for prospects

Result if you follow the steps in Scott’s session

A robust list that funnels customers to increasingly higher value proposition offers until they become paying customers

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And this is part of our SSF methodology and it’s part of the best Facebook strategy that I believe is out there. And it’s part of what we call the sidewalk in the SSF strategy. It’s a sidewalk slow lane baseline.

So it’s taking articles you know, it’s lesson, it’s between five to seven hundred characters, and story word, you know 500-700 word story and it’s being able to have an actual piece of content. And you promote that with, Facebook gives you a relevancy score to the moon 10 out of 10, 9 of the 10 constantly gives you five-second clicks and then you put something at the bottom low back.

Now that article that is super compelling to get them in to your actual email list and then you put and engagements for me behind that and if they don’t subscribe they’re in our in our findings 18 percent of people will subscribe there depending on the topic and what it is.

But if you go ahead and retarget those people with an actual landing page you’ll get a 50 to 60 percent conversion rate for the clicks on that actual landing page and now you’re getting 50 60 cent conversions and that it’s how we’ve been building very quickly and continually.

The builders we’re spending a you know an exponential amount of money every single month on paid advertising doing this and using the strategy because we provide value first, it’s not scammy. People no longer often, just the landing pages it builds that kind of relevancy model that I was talking about and it’s worked absolutely amazingly well.

And then what we do is to go into the SSF model, we basically give them what we said we were giving them we start building a relationship, we give them more articles value and then we give them.

Okay here’s this next lead magnet now. If they say yes, it’s like okay they’re engaged. Number one and two what does that lead magnet say if it’s higher obligation it means now that they’re in the strolling and now in the slowly their mindsets changing a little bit they know what they’re starting to know like and trust you they’re starting to get to the point that where they become in an informed potential purchaser and you again continue to building the relationship.

You give little points of obligation surround it well if, you know, the whole kind of stuff, you know what I mean. And then at the fast lane, this is where you’re gonna make the money.

In the fast lane that’s where you introduce the webinar, a strategy call or the product or whatever it would be. Because now you know, like, and trust you understand the pain in their life, they understand that you fix it and now all you have to sell them on is the outcome.
They already trust you and that is how we do you lead generation and is able to be able to put a dollar into Facebook and get seven or eight bucks back pretty much we wouldn’t be able to do it without email marketing without email marketing.

The entire thing crumbles which is why it’s very important and as a smart entrepreneur you’d be of course smart to be able to deploy that in your overall marketing strategy.

Brilliant. So if you want to, like obviously that’s been working really well for you and if you can put in a dollar and get seven or eight dollars back then you know you’re just throwing money at that’ll die.

So, let’s dive into a little bit more about that system and you know how how does, what exactly, like what are we putting in the emails, how does email marketing tie-in.

Okay, so the way that I, the way that I structure my campaigns, let me just move this microphone here a little bit, the way that I structure my campaigns is, we have a sidewalks lane and fastly an email stream. Now you can get super complicated with this when we teach people in our 12-week program.

This is what we do. We have the sidewalk which the job of the sidewalk is, in everyone it’s the job to two dots. One is to understand what they’re interested in and to get them to the next lane at the end of that, right?

So in the sidewalk it’s about twelve emails. The first email is essentially give them that lead magnet. Second email is four hours later and that four hours later is coming from me, a very personal subject.

And then in the at one I give them three options and I tell them very specifically, and you can adopt this to any business, “Are you an entrepreneur relying on luck aka networking with pearls that’s everything?, Are you an entrepreneur that’s been tinkering with online marketing so boosting opposed do a little bit evening? Or do you have a marketing phone and is just not working?” And ninety percent of all the people come in one of those three categories.

Now here’s the option you can go ahead and split those three categories and basically send emails based on that now because of the fact that they clicked and said yes, that’s me.

So it’s a little bit of surveying, or you can do this, be a little bit you know, keep it a little bit dumb the first time around just so you know who you are attracting then in the third you’re going to start putting a little bit of a story, you’re going to get them to know who you are.

So for me, I tell the story of going into $726,000 in debt, which is only 32 months ago. And of course, that creates some authenticity. And then I put a little tiny bit a little piece of authority in there by linking it to an interview I did with John Lee Dumas over on the on the entrepreneur on fire.

Alright so then in the next email I gave them an article that now explains a little bit more to what I was talking about first and then I just go through this cycle and I give them a relationship building something that’s an obligation where they need to take you know between zero to five minutes an authority building or then the next part is, “hey listen I got this cool video series or hey listen I got this really cool PDF guide”.

And then it’s able to, then it’s able to I, Liam goes and turns the light back on. And then as we’re going through this process, once that person hits that slow lane lead magnet, and they actually say yes, I want the video series or I want the E book, or whatever is that next level of engagement and that next level of thinking process, we take them out of the sidewalk funnel, and we put them directly into the sewing.

And then we repeat the process again. And then as soon as we present the webinar to them, we got an evergreen webinar, and we present the Evergreen webinar to them and maybe the fourth email, the Fast Lane, they get taken out of the fast lane.

And then they get put into the webinar funnel. And then they go through and now we know they’re hot customer. So we have our salesperson talk to them after, if they don’t buy, if they buy the taken out of that sales stream, and now they’re into the customer, the 100 day customer journey.

I’m not sure if you know Joey Coleman, but he has his idea of the first hundred days. And then after that, let’s say someone drops off on the sidewalk, let’s say after 14 emails, they’re, nothing happens, then we put them into 100 day value stream.

And what that hundred day value stream is a series of 30 to 35 emails, and every time they click a link, every time they take an action, they get tagged. And at the end of that we have a little bit of a logical, a little lead scoring logic that says this person is in the sidewalk slowly in the fast lane.

And then on a on a weekly basis they will get an email based on what mindset they’re in and what they’re interested in. This allows us to if we’re sending out an invite for webinar.

For a webinar, am I going to bring a sidewalker that has no idea who I am and is not interested in any of my stuff onto a webinar and expect to convert them? No. But if I can get a fast later on a webinar, I can get 10-20% conversion rates like no problem.

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