Shawn Thomas of Ask A Millionaire, LLC

Shawn Thomas

Founder at Ask A Millionaire, LLC
Shawn has vast experience in starting and scaling a business. He started a company with $500 and 11 years later the company had 100 employees and annual sales of $20 million. He successfully sold the company to a private equity group in late 2013. He shares both business tips and mindset inspiration to followers.


Turning Your Brand Into A Business On Instagram

Shawn Thomas of Ask A Millionaire, LLC
A question I’ve been hearing a lot from people lately is, “how do I turn my brand into a business on Instagram?”

It’s a really great question, and unfortunately there isn’t one straightforward answer. When I think about my own story and how I launched @Askamillionaire it’s incredible how much content had an effect…

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Shawn’s success
Consistency, daily habits and not allowing fear of failure to detract doing the work
Result if you follow the steps in Shawn’s session
Turn your brand into an Instagram business

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In terms of like running, you know, the Instagram account, how does it translate to you like, as an entrepreneur from, you know, your traditional business experience? Because it is very different.

You know, that’s a great question. It’s completely different than traditional business, because this is almost like marketing. You put out information with the hopes that it’s going to attract, and it’s going to engage.

I’m old school kind of business. I’m using, I like to be able to call somebody and take control of the conversation and move a prospect to sale you know, through the process.

With Instagram, you put out the content, you promote an item if you want to promote a product, you promote a service, whatever it might be, and then you gotta sit back and wait. It’s a completely different process and it has taught me that the number one determining factor of success on Instagram is content.

It’s got to be relatable, consistent, and the frequency has got to be there or the audience isn’t going to be attracted.

So it has forced me as somebody who wasn’t as focused on content in the past as far as a priority to make that the number one priority that you’ve got to give great content, or you’re not going to build the following.

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