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Sherri-Lee Woycik

Founder at Social Media Minder

Sherri-Lee Woycik is a Facebook Marketing Expert, trainer and coach that helps entrepreneurs to grow a thriving, sustainable business & nurture an engaged email list.

In 2015, her goal was to grow her list and Sherri added 800 people, contributing to adding another 30K to her business in 3 short months.

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So I love this because we look at our Facebook pages for our business as an avenue to promote our business and I, in 2013 really made a shift in my thinking that year, I realized that about 90% of what I do in my marketing isn’t going to work the way I think it’s going to.

And as soon as I realized that, that freed me up, I am more than prepared to create 10 Facebook posts, expecting only one of them to get the engagement and the result that I want. I’m prepared to create 10 Facebook ads before I find one that’s going to take off and work well.

I know there’s a lot of trial and error as soon as I accepted that it freed me up around my posting, I didn’t get as discouraged when I posted something, and I didn’t get a response. And of course, everybody’s talking about how your engagement on Facebook sucks, and how nobody says anything and Facebook’s out to hurt the small business owner and you don’t get to see nobody sees your posts anymore.

There’s some, if you’re only posting about your business and yourself, that’s going to be the truth and you’re going to feel discouraged. I now look at my Facebook page as a way for me to do market research and learn more about my dream client. So I post the 8020 rule is a big fall thing that I follow.

So 80% of the time, I’m posting content that will help me learn more about my dream clients, will help me discover more about what they need so that I can create products and services that address those needs, that inspire them, motivate them, educates them.

And then I only spend about 20% of my time telling them about my business at all. Because I want to make sure that people are looking forward to my posts, I want to make sure they can answer them easily, and quickly and feel like they’ve contributed. I want them to feel like they’re in a conversation with me, when they see my posts that they know I’ll respond to it.

And I always say to people to think about what you do when you go to a local networking event. Replicate that online. So when I go to a networking event, I don’t hand somebody my card and say, I’ve got a special coming up next week. Let me tell you about this program.

I say, hey, how you doing? How’s business going? What are you working on these days? How’s your family? You know, where are you going on holiday this year? What do you know, what are your big goals, I asked them about them.

And so translating that into Facebook, allows you to learn about the people who are seeing your posts. Of course you can boost those posts to get greater reach and get more people to see those you get more results. But then when I get no response when I get very response only one or two likes or, you know, small engagement.

To me, I look at that and go, that’s market research, I’ve discovered that people aren’t responding to that content. I won’t post any more of that. I’ll try something else now and see what I can post that will get engagement.

So by using your page to find out more about your dream clients by asking them questions by connecting with them and building relationships with them, then you will know more so that you can create products and services, and offers for them down the road.

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