Steli Efti of Close.io

Steli Efti

Co-Founder of Close.io.
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Co-Founder of Close.io. Steli will go in depth on how to use these two different emails and how he found success in each of them.


No Replies? Increase response rates using THIS cold email template

Steli Efti of Close.io
If you’re sending cold emails and aren’t getting the kind of replies you want…

That’s a harsh reality of choosing to leverage cold outreach, despite how effective it can be. Even on a good day, the cold hard truth is that most of your emails won’t get a response. Even when you think your templates are perfect, or your messaging is personalized to the point where everyone should want to respond, there’s more you could be doing.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Steli’s success
Using the right cold email template.
Result if you follow the steps in Steli’s session
Increase in response rates for your cold email series by reducing the response friction as much as possible.

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The basic idea is this; oftentimes when we send out an email, the  problem where people don’t respond, there there can be many reasons right? They might not be interested. They might have never seen your email. There’s many many reasons, but one  reason what makes it difficult for people to reply and respond to your email.

The fiction that you’re putting in front of them when they want to get in touch with you is that they have to make a number of decisions and then they have to verbalize these decisions and communicate back to you what is going on in their world.

Right they have to decide is this interesting or not. Why is it this interesting? Do they understand what you’re offering? Do they have time? Just in that like that second and we’ve all had this. Likeyou read an email you kind of intrigued, but you’re not fully sure. Then you’re kind of thinking what should I write here. That second is enough for you to go, wow I’ll deal with this later or to get a call or get distracted because there’s a notification that somebody pings you on you know Instagram or Facebook or whatever and the moment I’m out of that email though you’ve lost me.

Right now for me to come back to your email as more more emails are trickling into my inbox is gonna be unlikely. So, what we want to do with the one two three email hack it is, we want to make will alleviate all that friction and want to make it as simple as possible for people to respond. So, here’s how this typically looks like.

Usually, you’ve sent this as the third of a fourth email but it’s not the very first one, typically but I’ve seen people that even tried that and had some success with it. The basic idea is that you that you ping them and you go, “ Hey you know I’ve gotten in touch with you once or twice I told you what we do in a nutshell and I haven’t heard from you this makes me believe that there’s one of three possible scenarios going on here. Number one you know this is just you’re interested in intrigue but this is very bad timing so I should get I should just follow up with you again in a month.

Number two is this is absolutely not a good fit you already have another solution in place and no matter how many times I would follow up with you you would never respond to this.

Number three and now you can be a little humorous if you want to. You could he can experiment but I’ve seen great success with people just going a little funny and saying you’re number three you might have had an ex and you’re like somewhere you know stuck in your house you want me to call my mom. Whatever you it’s something funny there and and then you write all I asked you to do is hit the reply button and give me a number is it number one two or three sir just so I know all right.

Basically, you’re giving out all the possible scenarios that are likely and then you make it easy for me because you tell me hey dude all I’m asking you to do is click reply and type in one number just type 2 and hit hits send so I know what is going on so I have context I understand what’s going on he wouldn’t believe like how big of the difference this makes to you.

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