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Stephanie Sammons is the founder of Wide Advisor Media. She’s a speaker, business coach and author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Linked to Influence. She’s been named a Top 25 Social Media Expert and a Top 30 Marketing Thought Leader by LinkedIn.

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Using the LinkedIn publishing platform

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Yeah, absolutely. What’s unique about LinkedIn publishing platform is that you have these network effects built in.

Essentially, there’s no other publishing platform or content platform online where you put a piece of content out there and all of a sudden you’ve got this network effect you have built-in connections and built-in followers.

You have the ability to not only see your post that you publish but share it, easily share it, or like it, or comment on your post to win their network connections can also see your work and engage with it.

And so you’ve got this exponential network effect to your thought leadership, you’re writing your insights by publishing on LinkedIn. And so that, to me is really unique and exciting and different. Guess unique, different. Same thing about LinkedIn. And it putting your content out there and why I think it’s it’s a good place to be focusing right now.

One of the biggest advantages of LinkedIn publishing platform in terms of say, I’m an entrepreneur, and I want to generate leads. How do we begin that process?

Yeah, so you’re, when you publish on LinkedIn, your posts aren’t just limited to the LinkedIn environment. Let’s say, so any blog posts you publish on the LinkedIn platform, they’re going to be indexed by Search Engines so you can be discovered by your ideal clients and customers in Google searches or being searched or something like that.

Additionally, LinkedIn is beginning to index these posts within their own search engine, internal search engine. So now you can be found based upon your expertise and based on what you’re publishing on LinkedIn within the LinkedIn advanced search tool, which is really, I think, huge. That’s something new that gets me excited about the platform.

But with every post that you publish, you can drive traffic to your website, you can drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile. The more profile views you can get on LinkedIn, the more good things can happen for your business

And you can integrate calls to action for lead generation into these LinkedIn blog posts, so and at the same time position yourself as a credible authority on your topic in your industry in your market.

So it’s just, you know, all around, you’ve got all these great advantages going on here, there just really isn’t a good reason not to take advantage of LinkedIn publishing right now in my opinion.

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