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CEO at My Wife Quit Her Job
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Founder of My Wife Quit Her Job. He made $700,000 last year from my blog of which 90% was directly attributed to email marketing.


How I Doubled My Email Sign Ups By Ditching Conventional Wisdom

My wife told me she was going to quit her job when she became pregnant. Sure enough, that’s exactly what she did! In order for us to meet all our goals and expenses we still needed two incomes so we looked to make money online.

We started an ecommerce store and I started writing…


Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Steve’s success
Doubling email sign ups by ditching conventional wisdom.
Result if you follow the steps in Steve’s session
More email sign ups by breaking the patterns most websites have when it comes to their opt-in strategies.

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Email signups it was actually a number of things but the main contributing factor is was mainly just actually adding forms all over the place and specifically forms like within the  content so I’ll give you an example at the top of every article so the hotspots on your posts are at the top and the bottom and the middle of your posts like the content area right. So, I inserted a link at the top of every post in the byline that actually gets a lot of signups and then at the end the key is you know a lot of people do have sign up forms at the end of their content but oftentimes what they do is they’ll like enclose it in some sort of box or they’ll color it in some different fashion to make it stand out.

What’s ironic about that is it actually has a negative effect on your email signups when you do that because when people are reading your content they’ll see that box as like a break and they’ll assume that the content is done and they’ll just move on but if you’re to take that form at the bottom of the post and kind of blend it into the content. They still think that it is in fact the content and they’ll actually read the offer and be more likely to sign up.

So for example,  what I did that with the form that was within the content and I blended it in the email signs for that particular form doubled I mean that that’s a huge jump right like for any metric I think especially you know jumping from saying what is a 150 to to 300 and I can see what you’re talking about there and just to help you know people visualize I mean you’re scrolling down you’ve finished the reading the article that you’re reading and then you know people almost used to seeing an advertisement some big picture there at the bottom and that’s what you’re really talking about is some colored box with you know different content to what you’re reading through in the article and so people yeah they stop there and they stop reading absolutely and then also you know this works particularly well in the middle of the content.

A lot of people have been putting offering content that kind of matches the topic of a particular post that’s a lot more work to implement but that works effectively for getting more email signups as well and let’s see what are some of the other things a little scrolling sidebar pop-ups that’s pretty much common knowledge at this point but still worth mentioning.

The other major  thing that I did which pretty much increased senate’s by roughly thirty some-odd percent was actually going single opt-in. Now if you ask any email provider or a lot of people they’ll kind of advise you that you do double opt-in mainly because the quality of the people that you’ll get on your list will be will be better because they actually click on something to get on your list. But the funny thing about that is I was noticing that the confirmation emails were not making it to the end person in a lot of cases and so when the confirmation email doesn’t make it there then you know there’s no chance for them to get on and so when I switched a single opt-in. I immediately found that my son UPS doubled, however, the engagement which I was also tracking did not decrease by half and so overall the net was that it increased by about thirty some-odd percent which indicates to me that you know a lot of my confirmation emails weren’t making it to the end customer you.

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