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Steve Larsen

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Steve Larsen is known as the lead funnel builder at Click Funnels. He’s built over 400 funnels in the past few years so he definitely knows what works and what doesn’t.

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Understanding desired result and making the offer different and exciting

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This is actually how, you know, so I sat next to Russell Brunson, right, for about 18 months in the same room, and this is actually how we would do it, where we would sit down and usually, they always started like this, you could tell his big stroke of inspiration from either one.

Whenever it happened. We go whoa. This huge, is huge outlash of energy. Oh my gosh, and we’d run to a whiteboard. Usually, no shoes on, lots of loud music playing and we try and get in this creative zone.

We’d run to the whiteboard and we’d write the name of the main thing, everyone knows what the main things that they sell, right, they have a product or service that’s your thing.

And we would write that at the top. But then what we would do is we said, okay when they buy this what if we also gave them, oh my gosh, what if they flew out and they stayed in our house for three days? Yeah, right, that oh man, what if we went my wife could make them pizza?

Yeah, okay, and like we’d go to the crazy zone, and totally unrealistic, zone it out of creativity. But obviously, we added, we could help with this funnel, we could do this and we make this huge list of possible things that we could add on to the main product or service.

And when we kind of let the crazy zone, we go back and go say, my wife Bravo make a pizza or probably not gonna stay in the house for three days. You know, we go back but what we end up having at the end, is something that is unique in the marketplace that is truly like attractive and sexy.

So you’re no longer selling just this product or service. You’re selling this bundle. And because of that, you are way more attractive than all these other people that are out selling whatever they sell, doesn’t matter what you sell.

And I think that’s a really easy level, really base level, that’s a really cool way to do it. If you’re like, I have no idea how to make an offer, Steve, I have no idea how to put those together, go to the crazies on a little bit, then we’re work backwards of what’s realistic and what isn’t.

And then you package that together and so that that actually keeps you way ahead of all your competitors, because they’re trying to act professional, they’re trying to do what they you know, the things that they’re trying to put their certain time and starts in their shirts and realize that, you know.

Anyway, by you just being different, you didn’t necessarily need to be better, just be a little bit different, and be look new and exciting. That is one of the easiest key takeaways, was jumping right back in.

Yeah, that’s right. Well, a lot of the people that might be watching this now might be thinking that the offer is already great, and there’s nothing more they can do with it. But you’re here to say right, we can improve it, we can make it a little bit better. What’s the kind of the first few steps we need to take to improve that, offer creation?

Sure. One of the first things that we, you know, do a lot of my students do is we go, I usually have them raise their hand. And I say, repeat after me, I say the name so the name will no longer sell products.

And they’re always like, What? Oh my gosh, I’ve no longer sell services. But what the point is to take your product or your service, and graduated and evolve it into an offer, instead of one of the easiest ways that you’re like, hey, I have an offer. I’ve got to get something out already. That’s great.

What we do, those we have people go through there, doesn’t matter if you’re new in business, you’re existing, go survey your people and ask them what it is that they’re struggling with.

And this is kind of where the ninja theory and your ability to be a marketer comes in, is after you ask all these people what it is that they’ve been struggling with, you got to go back and you got to start asking yourself this question basically, what did this person need to be believing in order to have said what they said to me.

And so you start going through and start ranking and you’ll start figuring out what like, kind of the big beliefs are of your market of the people actually selling to. And what’s funny is that, you as the expert of your own thing, will look at some of the things you like, they believe that, but that’s not true at all.

And you’ll go back and start like, I gotta break that belief. I gotta kill that false belief. And from that point on, to really accelerate how good your offers are, is based on your ability to tell story.

Because all of our beliefs, everything that we have inside of our head, the way we move, we breathe, everything in our life is based around stories that we’re telling ourselves.

You want to change your life? Just change the story. You’re telling yourself in your head, don’t change your life. It’s the same thing for the way your customers are treating your market and your product and your offer, the way they behave.

And so if your ability to create offers, I mean it like soling your ability to understand what the beliefs are inside the market is, understand which ones you know are wrong. And then your ability to tell a story to change them so that they believe new things and that that’ll set you apart so fast.

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