Stu McLaren of WishList Products

Stu McLaren

Co-Founder at WishList Products

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Co-Founder at WishList Products. Stu helps experts transform their knowledge and influence into recurring revenue by launching, growing and scaling 7 and 8-figure membership sites.


The “Big Rocks” Of Growing A Membership Site

Stu McLaren of WishList Products

I have been fortunate to work with membership sites of every size from sites with hundreds of members to the tens of thousands.

What I’ve learned from working all over the industry is that there is no one tactic or strategy that makes a great membership site, but rather…

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Stu’s success

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For me, and from my clients, and from my students, one of the things that we realized is that it’s an understanding of how all the pieces fit together, particularly like the big rocks when it comes to growing a membership site.

And so for me, those basically fall into five categories. Like, one is your foundation strategy. This is basically like you getting clear on who you serve and how you help them. So this is where you want to become known for something specific meaning like, let’s pretend Liam, you and I are out at a gathering, okay? And somebody comes up to you and they’ve got a specific problem.

What we want is, we want you Liam to know so clearly like, who you could refer them to. So that we are like at the tip of the tongue for the person who, you know, understands that, “Hey, you’ve got this problem? You need to go see Liam” or “Hey, you got this problem? You need to go see or talk to us too”.

That’s how clear we need to be in our market’s minds in terms of, you know, when it comes to the problems that we solve, and the people that we serve. That makes sense?

And, so that’s actually going to help dictate like, what type of site that we create and how we serve because there are different types of membership sites. There’s not just one you know, kind of size fits all.

There’s different types of sites and each different type of site is going to be different for particular markets. But that’s what we got to get clear on, who we serve, how we serve, and how we plan on serving them in terms of this type of site. So that’s area number one.

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