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Sujan Patel

Entrepreneur at Web Profits

Sujan Patel is the co-founder of Web Profits, as well as another seven SaaS businesses. He’s been doing digital marketing for more than ten years, he works a lot in the software, b2b space and have worked on many different industries.

Sujan is a data-driven marketer and entrepreneur. He is a high energy individual fueled by his passion to help people and solve problems. He helps companies grow through his marketing agency, Web Profits and build & grow his own SaaS companies through Ramp Ventures.

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People appreciate the guys who can find really good content. I’m subscribed to about four or five newsletters that are amazing. So that’s one blog every week. Send an email out every week. And about like, you know, one month in or two months in, start talking about what you’re working on, right?

Start showing behind the scenes, sharing the thing that you’re working on, like, you know, but let’s say halfway through, if you’re starting with nothing, halfway through at three months mark, you could say you can start to share that pre launch kind of offer saying we’re going to launch, you can do it from month three month by.

And so at month five, you kind of stopped pre sells. So you have two months of really just kind of getting feedback. And again, this whole time you can get people in for free too, if your product is ready, but in this case, let’s assume your product isn’t quite ready. So yeah, monthly or two months of kind of content promotion, I mean, and promoting the pre sales.

At the same time start sharing your journey on social media, right? And share behind the scenes, share like a mock up of what you’re working on, share kind of a like a mock up of the website like, you know, like little things get people excited about this, you know, you bought in the six month period, you can build a lot of hype.

And then another really important thing is to actually start doing outreach to key influencers people in the space. So now you’ve been blogging, your active, right? I would say about two three months into blogging, start reaching out to people who are influencers or people who are, have talked about similar tools and get them on board.

Try to get them for free, give them access for free if you have an early version or whatnot, and get their feedback on the idea, get their feedback on the product itself. But really, what you really want to do by this effort is actually get them on board to promote you.

So essentially, what you’re doing when you reach out is you’re actually building promotion partners. And these promotion partners are really important. Because at launch, launch is all about a burst of things, right?

So you can launch on product count, you could send an email to your email list, hey, we’re finally live blah, blah, blah. You get all your promotional partners to kind of send emails or help you, the more promotional partners you have, the better.

And another thing you can do is start guest posting. So you can guest post on those people. Maybe the promotional partners that you reached out to these influencers, maybe they’ll just let you write content on their blog. Because again, you’ve been at least writing content on your site, you’ve proved yourself as some sort of value add or authority.

And so you can do that. And so here’s an example. For 100 Days of Growth, we launched on product. That was huge. We answered a lot of questions on Quora, and all around growth hacking and things like that. That was really big for us, we launched to our email list.

And we also had promotional partners, but most people weren’t willing to email their list about an E book, that was just not something they were excited about. We got four or five people who are willing too, that didn’t do that much for us but what ended up really working well is all the people I reached out to, I asked them if I could write on their site, and so I was appealing to their audience.

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