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Summer Felix

Co-Founder of The Draw Shop

Summer Felix’s company has worked with some of the top industry leaders in the world. From Google, Twitter, Bloomberg and Summer knows how to make messages impossible to misunderstand. They excel at taking your story and keeping audiences so engaged that they can’t stop watching and are inspired to take your desired call to action. Summer understands the science of how the brain works to retain knowledge and to get inspired by it.


Engage Like Never Before With Interactive Video

I’m a co-founder of the Josh app, and I’ve always been interested in how messages are conveyed and received.

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Engaging with interactive video

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The really cool thing about this video is that, a lot of videos have a call to action at the very end. With interactive videos, there’s a call to action. I mean, every so many seconds, because you’re asking a question, and you’re prompting that person to click on the answer.

Once they clicked on that answer it leads into another part of the video to another question, or it plays out what that answer was, depending on what type of videos. So with lead gen, they’re entering in their information through the video.

So are you are you male or female? I’m female. Are you the ages of and, you know, click your age group? Are you interested in a blanket today, tomorrow or yesterday? Today. What’s your favorite color? You know, things like that.

And what it does is, that’s what we mean by meaningful engagement. Because when a person is interacting with the video like that, they feel more empowered to do what the end result is going to be.

Because it’s not just somebody selling them something and saying, hey, opt in now we’re going to get a sales guy on the phone talking to you, and we’re going to try to sell you on something. It’s more like oh, I’m actually putting in the specific things that I want answers to, and they get to know more about me.

All right, excellent. Yeah, the guys read through some kind of survey, a quiz, you’re able to segment them to make sure that the information or value you give them is more relevant to their current situation. Okay, very cool.

So just in terms of how does this work, like tech side of things, is it literally like video and then there’s buttons underneath, they get automatically like you know, multiple choice and then that whatever they choose takes them to another page with the next video?

So on the tech side, we have our custom proprietary I guess, composer, and we either at the Draw Shop, we either make the content, we either produce the content for you, or we have clients come to us that already have existing content because not everybody’s gonna want whiteboard animation for us throughout their whole video.

Some people will want, you know, talking heads, or it might be interview style, or might be me talking to you and saying, hey, click one of those buttons below, you know, to let me know a little bit more about yourself.

So what happens is within the composer is we upload the content, and then we, it’s kind of like a mind map. So it’s, you know, if somebody clicks here, it then goes to this content, if somebody clicks see, it then goes to that content.

And what’s happening throughout the whole entire process is we’re recording what that user is doing throughout the whole video. So we you know, it will say, well, this person clicked B, but then they hit the back button and then hit A.

So every single thing that they’re doing, we’re recording and you just get to start to see you know, how are these people engaging with our videos? How long are they staying on there?

And if it is a choose your own adventure, you know, you can see well, they you know, so many people clicked B and C before they finally got the correct answer A, so it’s just really interesting to get to learn about your audience. You might also learn while they’re not engaging at all so obviously, we need to do something different.

Yeah, I think that’s so important. Like you’ve got, you’re doing a video and you’ve got like say 1000 views on this video but what do you know about the people that are watching like okay, you can get time on site and maybe geographical data or maybe some demographic data but in terms of specific questions that are relevant to your business, your product, your service, your customer.

You can set these questions right and actually gather this data, which is super powerful because like relevancy, like you need to be more relevant. Why, because you can easily connect with the potential customer more and ultimately lead them to become a paying a loyal customer as well.

Yeah. And the cool thing too is with these videos is some people go through and they’ve already been kind of already enrolled and hooked just based on that process. And you can have you know, throughout the whole entire video, you know, contact us now or message us now, if you have like a you know, live person that you want them to chat back and forth with, you can have them you know, there’s even buying out buttons. I mean, we literally have the capability to do anything and have several call to actions going on at once.

So where would this work really well? I’m envisioning it working really well on a landing page where instead of just you know, grabbing someone’s email address and sending them like a lead magnet, it’s like, okay, let’s segment this person first, let’s like ask him a few questions, quiz them and figure out okay, what exactly is their problem? And how can we provide a relevant solution to them?

Yeah. Surveying is a really great way to use these videos. So if it is on a landing page, a lot of times we see now people take quizzes to get their free report, you know, something like that, or whatever it is that they’re going to get for free. A free ebook based on whatever their profile turns out to be.

The unfortunate part is that, you know, with the dwindling attention span, some people are just like, I don’t want to have to read all that and click in all these answers. And that’s where video comes in. As we all know, people are engaged with video. So by having the video and the option to go back, change their answers, it really will stay on your page a lot longer than they normally would.

And they kind of, they’re just getting to interact with your brand. Because through that video, they’re learning more about your brand and what your language is and how you interact with your clients, because you’re interacting with them rather than just text. It’s them getting to feel your voice and your story, and they just stay on like so much longer. It’s so cool.

Yeah, absolutely. I can see this really working well. So at the end of the quiz are those series of questions, you collect the leads, or you collect the contact information, email address, whatever it is, and then use the free report or whatever?

So just in terms of that lead generation, what I love that use of video, I think it’s really unique and very valuable, can really lead to some fantastic like, rather than just getting a lead that’s like an email address. Okay, they’re just getting this free ebook or report, you’re learning a lot more about them instead of being maybe a warmish lead, this is becoming a lot warmer, lead closer, because of the relevancy you’ve been able to provide, they’re gonna have a great experience, right?

And be able to like, trust you. That the writing is great experience, and then you know, and you can send them something, you know, that’s more specific to them, because a lot of people will have that in their sales funnel process, or in their lead gen process where everybody’s getting the same ebook, no matter what they fill out.

Whereas you can actually say, Okay, well, all of these people, if you’re a financial advisor, for example, all of these people clicked on for that, they were interested in a 401k. So we’re gonna send them the 401k ebook. And all these people were interested in setting up an IRA or another retirement plan.

So we’re going to send them these ebooks, so it makes them feel very special. And then, you know, you can even then send, continue using the video through that process. “Hey, you said that you were interested in the 401k. Let’s find a little bit more about that”.

So after they’ve gone through that process, now that they go through another process, that’s all video based, and interactive for them. So it’s just, again, I keep saying this term, but it’s true. It’s just a meaningful engagement.

And when people have that choice throughout the video, like they get to make the choice of what you’re going to tell them next. Because they’re clicking, they feel empowered, you know, so it’s really about their experience.

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