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Ted Prodromou

Lifestyle Entrepreneur at Search Marketing Simplified, LLC

Ted spent over 20 years working in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley working with highly competitive, high-growth companies including IBM, DEC and Cellular One. Time is money is an understatement in Silicon Valley. He realizes that high-productivity and efficiency is essential to succeeding in today’s business environment.


Morning Routines Of Successful People Inspire My Day

I spent 20 years working in Silicon Valley, but after the early 2000s dot com crash, jobs were scarce.

I went from mid-six figures to looking at 10 dollars an hour Craigslist ads. I had to reinvent myself!

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Ted’s success

Being inspired by the morning routines of successful people.

Result if you follow the steps in Ted’s session

A focused quiet period at the start of your day that can center you for the work ahead.

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Didn’t get before but just read that  newspaper but just you know before the kids when my kids were really young you have kids you all know as soon as they get up your day starts and you go from zero to 100 miles an hour because they’re going so it just gave me time to really just kind of be my to my time I could really just ease into the day now what happened over the last but six months ago seven months ago I kind of slipped back into my old pattern whereas turning on the TV and watching the news a little bit while I was reading and just my business started falling off and I just have negative thoughts came in like oh gosh things have slowed down now what am I gonna do.

Then Perry Marshall started this 30-day challenge it was like perfect timing so every day he would send us an email with all these things like what Hal would do is that okay you got to just start writing what are you grateful for today and I was just write that down and if they don’t know what it is say hey you woke up you’re grateful you woke up toda.

So it doesn’t have to be you know pages and pages of journaling just start writing something in your journal and that kind of got me back on track how long want you to be spending actually you know with this with these focused quiet time you know writing down some of the things that you’re grateful for like how long should we be spending well like Perry and Hal say do it as long as you can try to do at least an hour Perri same two hours even before you even turn on your computer but what happens you know we all get busy we don’t really have nope nobody’s gonna wake up at four in the morning to do all this stuff well. 

Some people do I know a guy that got up and wrote a book he got up at 4:00 in the morning for two straight months and wrote a book in those two hours before his kids got up but what Hal does in the miracle morning book and don’t want just focus on how but he’s boiled it down until you can do it in less than five minutes to pick one thing you’re gonna do today with his journaling you know what are you grateful for focus on gratitude and that goes a long way and just close your eyes and be still for five minutes and see you know drift off into whatever thoughts come to you but just try to do a few minutes yeah okay that’s fantastic especially for people who may not be doing anything at the moment in the morning and if it’s if it’s a small commitment a few minutes if you take it from there and then maybe maybe for you it grows or that works for you but tell us tell us what’s your typical morning routine.

Okay well years ago back in the Silicon Valley days I was you know getting up and going to work and working 12 14 hours a day six seven days a week and I was really stressed so it took a meditation class it’s called the Silva method then it’s just a simple little meditation they taught you and what I do now is I start every morning they call it the countdown the 3 2 1 countdown so in a couple within 30 seconds you can be  into a meditative state so before I get on bed I just lay in bed for like 15 or 20 minutes and meditate and it’s not you know there’s no formal meditation it’s just whatever to calm your mind and just clear your thoughts before you get out of bed and then I’ll get up I still drink one cup of coffee or two cups of coffee got it right here but I’ll just you know if some days I’ll journal some days I’ll just read some motivational material affirmations kind of whatever strikes me that day so I have like a tool chest of things I can do and I do whatever I feel is appropriate.

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