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In Thomasina’s many years of consulting and coaching business owners, she has come to understand that it can be great to be the boss but, as a boss there may not be anyone to hold the business owner (boss) accountable and there is no one to help them select the right priorities. Thomasina helps those searching to take their business to the next level.

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Yeah, it’s kind of important, you certainly need to do it annually. That’s for sure. There’s a lot of thought out there that says, that we plan annually, but we execute quarterly, you know that the human brain truly can’t hold that, all of that information, all year long and execute on the high level.

So you plan on what you really would like to do and which brings me back to how important it is to come up with an executable business plan. But you break it up into bite size, and that you build on that level of success.

Yeah, it was interesting, when you introduced this kind of second phase of the dare to dream and commit to action. The dare to dream is that really the point one, which is really the main, ensure that the they have a compelling vision and by compelling, do you mean for customers or for the team?

I think is important we first start with the team, that compelling vision. You know, there are always going to be obstacles, you’re going to have financial obstacles, human resource obstacle time.

But if there is a reason you do something that commits you to something bigger, then I find that you can bring that extra effort to push through. So that’s the first thing.

The other thing is that when, in fact, we have all of these things working together, and you’re clear on what you want to do, you can transmit that information to the team. So now the team is inspired and we come back around to that loop of that culture again.

If I, as the leader of this team fired up, I’ve got the passion. I know what I want to do, I’m going to be contagious. Now I can transfer that and get you compassionate as a member of this team.

So when you meet and greet with the public, now they’re really feeling it. I mean, this is all about human beings connected. It’s just like technology. I don’t believe technology’s job is to replace this. It’s to enhance. And even through technology, you feel passion, even when you watch a movie you can feel when someone has passion.

Yeah, that’s absolutely right. And I think one of the strong words that you use before was dictatorship. And what you’ve been discussing is, you know, the complete opposite, making sure that the whole team has a vision, and they believe in that vision, and they can see that passion and the passion is contagious. So the whole business and organization is moving in the same direction.

Right. Some business owners fail to do though is, I think they don’t understand how often they have to win, mind the people who work with them, why it is they do what they do, you know, and so they believe all I told them that they know we’re here to do such and such.

But when it comes to this message, saying it more than once, singing it multiple times a day, burn it into the DNA, so to speak up of the organization, it makes a huge difference in how people view themselves and how they connect with the clients.

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