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Todd is considered the foremost authority on engineering high-conversion customer acquisition marketing funnels.


How To Increase Sales Using One BIG Marketing IDEA

Traditional marketing copy can often be described as sensational. It is exaggerated, using a lot of big adjectives and words to make up for the one thing that the writing itself is lacking. A guiding idea. A BIG IDEA.

What do I mean by a Big Idea? I mean an idea that guides your messaging. Without it, your messaging will simply…

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Todd’s success

Writing down the primary promise of a message, the unique mechanism that a product delivers and framing the message like a news story

Result if you follow the steps in Todd’s session

Create your big marketing idea that sells itself

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So, let’s start. We’ll do two things to really give some actionable guidance here.

Number one, I’m going to give you the criteria for what is a big marketing idea. And then I’m going to tell you how you go about finding and begin developing big marketing ideas.

So first of all, a big marketing idea, I’m going to give you a formula for what a big marketing idea is. So a big marketing idea really consists of two main components.

The first component is that it is emotionally compelling. And in order for a big marketing idea, in order for it to be emotionally compelling, there are two sub components that you need.

First one is you need a primary promise. What your prospects care about is? What’s the transformation that they’re going to experience, the result, the outcome?

How is their life going to be better improved? How are they going to experience less pain? How are they going to enjoy more pleasure? What is the one big overarching promise that you are making to prospects?

It is the number one most critical element of all marketing, because that’s what your prospects want to know, what’s going to change in my life. We’re not talking about in this context all the benefits of your product or service.

I’m talking about the one promise, the biggest, the one big promise of transformation and change. So that’s the first sub components that we need in order to have an emotionally compelling idea.

The second component is a little bit more in depth, and I’m going to try to explain this as quickly as I can. And that is this, that your message conveys to prospects. That they can experience that primary promise, that big transformation because of something in your product or service called the unique mechanism.

The unique mechanism is really nothing more than what’s the piece, part, component, aspect, process system behind your product or service that delivers the result. What’s the part of your product or service that is responsible for giving prospects that primary promise?

If you are a massage therapist, it could be the unique body work method that you use on clients. If you bake birthday cakes, it could be the unique recipe that you use within your birthday cakes. If you sell a cardiovascular supplement, it could be the unique combination of nutrients and herbs in your in your supplement. If you sell a software, it could be the unique algorithm that gets people top rankings on Google.

It’s the piece or part of your product or service, the unique piece part company of your product or service that delivers on the primary promise. And I want you to understand the reason why those two things in combination make your idea emotionally compelling.

Because it gives your prospects hope that maybe this time with your product or service, they can experience the results because nobody else has ever offered them this unique mechanism.

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