Todd Herman Creator of The 90 Day Year

Todd Herman

Creator of The 90 Day Year

Todd is a global leader in high performance, and creator of the 90 Day Year High Performance Operating System. He’s had 4 consecutive multi-million dollar launches and he was the first to pioneer many of the strategies others are using in their own launches.

He’s gained over 5000 customers over the past couple of years because of his campaigns and he’s one of the very few people that focused more on branding than hardcore direct marketing strategies. And it shows, because his launches are actually trending up.

He’s been a coach and advisor to Pro and Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies around the world. So he’s brought a completely different level of professionalism to this type of strategy.


Learn Two Places To Implement Live Chat For Your Product Launch

Todd Herman Creator of The 90 Day Year


What Convinces People To Purchase A Product?

What do you think often prevents people from buying a product? I have two answers. Unanswered questions and lack of clarity in the messaging.

If your messaging is not airtight, people will be less likely…

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Todd’s success

 The use of Live Chat

Result if you follow the steps in Todd’s session

A direct line of communication between you and your customers that will bolster their confidence in buying from your launch

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Now, having said that, like when we’re going back and forth, I said live chat made a really big impact for us. Now, we were already doing really great with our launches. However, when we started integrating live chat into our launches, it increased our conversion rates.

Now, it didn’t increase our conversion rates as much as other friends of mine who were going through launches. And they were really, they didn’t have their messaging as like being on as myself or they didn’t have their content as bang on as myself or whatever their thing that was kind of a little bit tweaked or missing.

But I said to them, go ahead and institute your live chat right now while you’re going through your launch because your live chat can save the sales because you don’t know if you didn’t create as great of content or conversion content is like myself.

This live chat allows you that ability to answer the nuances that maybe you missed out on or answer those objections that you might have missed out on or answer those questions where people are, you know, is this right for me? Or, you know, what do I get in the program again?

Because there’s some people who just aren’t very good at actually outlining what their offer is on a sales page or an offer page. And that live chat allows you that opportunity.

Now, having said all that, we know that 32.8% of all of our sales can be directly attributed back to live chat now, that doesn’t mean that it increased conversions by 32.8%. I’m saying that of 100 people that come into the program, 32.8 of them will have interacted with our live chat people at some point in time. Okay.

Now when some of those people have purchased anyway, of course they would have but there’s still a big chunk of those people that would not have purchased it. They didn’t get their question answered.

So live chat is great for it, is literally, it’s the one thing I tell everybody, whether you’re an advanced person or whether you’re just starting out. In fact, it’s most important if you’re just starting out that.

To have live chat integrated on your website, the smart thing that we do is just to, sorry, you’re going to mention something. But one of the smart things that we do is when you do your open enrollment period, I call it enrollment, other people just called the open cart sign or whatever. But for me, we’re enrolling people in.

So let’s say it’s five days that you’re Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So your Monday day is, you’re going to capture all those people that are kind of like, you know, hot and bothered to jump on this thing. And I was going to say your best buyers coming in the day, but that’s not necessarily true.

So my absolute best clients came in on that final minute of the cart being open during a launch. So psychologically, why, I mean, I asked them, and they’re, you know, they don’t know why. It just does what they bought.

But what happens is what we do on days, two, three, and four, and five, is let people know that I’m in the PS of all of our emails. Hey, if you have any questions, our team is ready and willing to answer anything that you’ve got, first over on the sales page.

We don’t say that on day one, because there’s really no need to sort of create that demand on our support team. But day two, not we sold, we still answer questions on that we just don’t highlight it. But on days 2,3,4, and 5, we do highlighted in the PS and it makes a big impact because it does bring people in and engage with you.

When they might not have mastered or had a question now, at least they know they have an outlet to get their specific question answered.

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