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Tracy Timberlake

Video Marketing Strategist at Successinista, LLC

Tracy Timberlake is a video marketing strategist at Successinista. Before she even started teaching others how to use video, she used video herself to build her own brand.

She worked with big name brands like L’Oreal, Turkish Airlines, Marc Jacobs, and more before turning the tide to work with hundreds of online entrepreneurs and small businesses.

She’s had over 2.2 million video views over and has over 30,000 social media followers, 23,000 YouTube subscribers.

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Yeah, so when you make videos, the goal is obviously to create that authentic connection. You can make a connection with a video that you just cannot do with any other medium. You can’t do it with text. You can’t do it with graphics.

So when you are in front of the camera, when you have your audience watching you, it is so important to get to a place where it’s not just okay bye, see you later. Thanks for watching, right? We want to make sure that we’re not fading to black.

I tell people never to fade to black, never just say bye, actually give them a way to connect with you further, give them a way to get to know you a little bit more.

And the way that we do that is by adding in content upgrades so that we can get them on our email list because that is way more important when it comes to reaching out to them. And here’s what I mean.

For example, I can have 23,000-24,000 subscribers on YouTube. 24,000 people will not watch every single video that I produce, right, that’s just not realistic. They’re not going to be watching YouTube every single day, they might pop on, you know, a couple of times a week. If they catch my video, great. If not, well, then they’d have to go to my channel to watch it.

However, when I have them on my email list, every time I produce content, I’m now producing it and showing it to them on YouTube. But I’m also sending them an email saying, hey, by the way, just released this video and now all of a sudden, my YouTube video views go up because I have access to them outside of just the YouTube platform.

We all check our emails every day, right? We check them multiple times a day, I’m constantly, you know, on my phone or my iPad, my laptop, and everyone else is the same way, everyone else checks their emails four or five, six times a day as well.

And we want to take advantage of that and leverage that. So that we are, you know, connecting with our audience in an impactful way that’s going to add value to them and their lives, but also give them why to reach out to us when they need to.

All right, excellent. And so we’re using video now. And yes, it’s a fantastic way to connect with people on a deeper level, and build that relationship. So they get to know you, they build that know, like and trust factor.

Now we’re talking about, you know, getting them, you know, those conversion rates are going to increase, right, because of that too, when you’re trying to convert them to email subscribers.

What kind of results have you seen in your business when you’re, you know, doing a video, how many views you get compared to how many emails you get?

Yeah. So when you are adding in content upgrades, let’s talk about that a little bit, adding in content upgrades to your videos and not just saying goodbye to them, actually giving them a way to get on your email list.

You see about 25% of those viewers will usually end up on your email list because they’re watching that video for a reason, they’re watching it to get content, to get value from it. And if you do the content upgrade properly, then it’s the natural next step for them. So they’re going to go ahead and sign up because they want to know what step two is, right?

So I would say 25% of viewers, from a YouTube platform, from a Facebook platform, they will usually sign up for that email list, which is great because if 100 people are watching your video, then that’s 25 extra people that you’re finding on your email list, right?

In terms of video views, when you have them on your email, you’re going to see a good 40% return on or 4% increase on video views now, once you are not only sending it to them, you know via a YouTube platform or social media places but you’re also adding in that email piece, that email marketing piece, just to let them know, hey, I have this new video, I would say, I’ve seen upwards of 40% more video views when I use that when I’m able to use that as my list.

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