Trevor Turnbull of Linked Into Leads

Trevor Turnbull

CEO at Linked Into Leads & Founder at 30 Day Sales Machine

As the trainer for the popular LinkedIn training program – LinkedInfluence, Trevor has seen over 20,000 members join and follow his advice to enhance their personal brand and land their dream job using the power of LinkedIn. Trevor has fine tuned his automation processes over the last 3 years using a variety of online tools that have created a virtual automatic revenue machine that continues to see improved signup, attendee and conversion rates.

In Feb 2014, Trevor surveyed his LinkedInfluence members and found that there was an unfilled demand for a training program focused on teaching how to leverage LinkedIn as a lead generation tool. And, as a result, 30 Day Sales Machine was launched in March 2014. Since that time, the 30 Day Sales Machine has accumulated 600+ members and over $500,000 in revenue. In order to reach these number, Trevor has primarily focused on live webinars to turn “cold” leads into new clients. His strategies to get prospects to sign up, show up and take action on the live webinars consistently converts over 10% of attendees on live webinar (and an additional 2% of attendees via follow up replay sequences).


Automated Tool For Your Client Onboarding Process That Reduces Refunds

I couldn’t run my business the way I do these days without using tools to automate and scale my processes.

When I started out 10 years ago it was super difficult to automate anything without having some programming knowledge, and I pretty much had none! Now it’s a lot easier to work with a marketing automation platform like Infusionsoft. Yes, there’s still somewhat of a learning curve but overall…

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Trevor’s success

 Using an automated tool for your client onboarding process that reduces refunds

Result if you follow the steps in Trevor’s session

Reduce your refund rate and provide great customer service during the onboarding process for your clients

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In the last year our businesses, you know, really scaled up. We’ve got a lot of new members. I think last year we did maybe 350 or 400 new members. Just in this past month alone, we did 120.

And previously, we were using a merchant account, for example, we were using Clickbank, we found that our refund rate was really high. And it was because the price of our products was a little bit higher.

There’s a lot of factors and all of that, but, you know, it became evident to me that regardless of whatever tool we were using to collect payment from our clients, that if I got 100 people to sign up, and you know, 20-30 of them refunded, which in some cases we had, you know, 20% refunds in a few months in the summertime last year, and I looked at it, I said, this is ridiculous. Like, I can’t keep operating like this. I need a better way.

And I realized that it wasn’t necessarily the tool that they were using to pay, it was all the follow up once they got into the program. Because if they showed up into the program, and they didn’t have something to remind them that, hey, you need to do this first and then follow it up by that and make sure to show up for this mentoring session.

And all these things that make people you know, feel warm and fuzzy that they actually purchase something that’s backed by some support, then those refund rates were never going to go down. So that’s what we did.

We implemented some really cool tools that have dropped our refund rates to like 2%. Now, there’s always going to be a few where it’s just not right for them.

We try and do our best to make sure that we talked to people if they’re on the fence of whether or not they think our programs right for them and we’ll actually tell them not to join if it’s not right for them because I’d rather people not refund of course at all. But yeah, we’ve dropped it down to like one 2% using some of the tools we’re going to discuss here.

All right, great. And I think when you were talking about marketing automation, it’s because we can scale a lot of the things we’re doing manually and personalize things so much better almost individually for our members, which is really cool.

And I think that first tool that you’re using with the with the voicemails is really an interesting touch. It helps you stand out. Should we dive into that one?

Yeah, sure. That’s a new one I’ve just started using actually recently. But I’ve got a lot of really great feedback on it. It’s called slide broadcast. And there’s another version of a tool called slide dial, that’s more of a one off tool.

So slide broadcast is one where you can actually upload a CSV file of phone numbers into this tool, and then you can pre record a voicemail message and that voicemail message will go straight to their voicemail.

So it’ll dial their number, it doesn’t actually ring on their side, it goes straight to voicemail. And what we use for a message with that is just simply a welcome message. It goes out within 30 minutes of purchase.

So they make that first purchase, then all of a sudden, they look and they missed the call, which is kind of a thing that happens in today’s world, right? Like service drops or whatever, it’s not unusual to see a voicemail pop up.

And the voicemail basically says, “Hey, this is Barbara, I just wanted to welcome you to the program. And you know, if you have any questions, you can email our support at, you know, support at 30 day sales machine. If you have questions about the program itself, jump into our support groups. Again, welcome to the program, excited to have you on board”.

And we’ve had people follow up with us and say that alone was enough to make them feel good. Because you know how it is with the whole idea of buyer’s remorse. I have it constantly like, I buy stuff and I’m not too bad with it. But there’s a lot of times where I’m like, Oh my god, that is another stupid decision or I’m just gonna refund some other piece of software or something.

But that’s what we’re trying to overcome with this, is to just have something where, I did the math on, I can’t think of it exactly what it is now. But if I was paying somebody on an hourly rate to make those phone calls, with people picking up on the other end of the line, those calls are going to be 10 minutes long each, you know, 10 to 15 minutes.

If I have 100 new people that join my program, that’s a lot of hours, right? That’s a lot of money. This slide broadcast tool, I can load it up for like, I think it was like $10 or something like that, I could send up to 100 voicemails directly into their voicemail.

So, you know, it just scales that warm and fuzzy feeling that people get inside when they first buy something and they have the jitters of whether or not it was the right decision or not.

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