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Trey Lewellen is Mr. On It and founder at Trey Lewellen Companies. He’s come from selling thousands of products per month, creating a database of over 1 million subscribers, 300,000 buyers, building a company with close to 50 employees and contractors, scaling business to unprecedented levels in just under two years.

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Freemium to premium, a premium funnel, and then a premium to continuity funnel, my favorite.

So, if you’re going to do a freemium to premium, what you’re doing there is kind of giving like trinkets out, little something that’s really easy to buy for them. So basically one page, right?

Let’s say that you’re selling toothbrushes, very easy example. Toothbrush, maybe cost you if you grab it from China, 10 cents, 15 cents, maybe it’s this ultra awesome toothbrush that gets between the gums, does some really cool stuff, makes your teeth look like Liam, and they’re really crazy, right? And so they’re like, Yes, I want this toothbrush.

So you’re like, Hey, you know what, we’re doing free toothbrushes this week. Once you grab one for free, and then we’ll just charge you shipping and handling. So that might be 395 or 495. So really what that does is, that’s going to cover your cost of goods. It’s going to cover your shipping and your labor to get that out.

That’s really what you’re wanting, that first piece. Now also what you’re getting with that, don’t forget you’re getting the buyer from, that’s the core piece here, we try to break even throughout all of our funnels by giving affiliates or networks the right amount of money to be able to push as much traffic because realistically at the end of the day, we just want the buyer information because then I can take that buyer information and go do crazy things with it.

So that’s going to give you their phone number, that’s gonna give you their address, it’s going to give you their name and email address. You can do wonders with just those little three pieces of information, let alone, you know, now you got their credit card which means that you can call them back and say hi, how you doing. Let’s say something else.

So anyways, toothbrush example, so let’s say, hey, you know what, you grab that toothbrush for 695, 95 shipping and handling, upsell them some really cool toothpaste. By the way most consumers run out of toothpaste every month.

Would you like for us to send you an extra bottle of to spit toothpaste every month? Yes, I would love that because that way, you know, you don’t have to go to Amazon. You have to worry about it every day. You know, every once in the month you got a little piece of toothpaste that arrives at your front door. Perfect. I would love it. Yes.

Boom. You went from freemium to premium. A freemium is something for free, a premium is going to be something that has more intrinsic value, something that lasts a long time has a better LTV, which stands for a long term value or lifetime value of the customer.

So with that continuity spending on the back, that’s going to really bring in your lifetime value of someone so that consumer creates a lot more momentum. So that’s what freemium to premium.

Then we have premium. So premium is going to be something that you’re selling like in between, like $35 to $45, like 95 bucks on the front, so it’s a harder sell. You’re gonna have a lower conversion on your order form, but you’re going to have a lot more margin to play with traffic.

Okay, so hopefully that makes sense. I kind of said that a lot of quick quickly.

So you have more margin well on the on the product, which means you have more money to spend towards traffic, which means you can afford more to get more presence and more eyes on it. So you’re gonna have a lower conversion on the order form because it’s just a premium.

Not everybody has 45 bucks or 95 bucks on an impulse buy, right? So scrolling through Facebook, they see an ad and they’re not ready to pull out their credit card. No one’s shopping on Facebook. People just kind of socialize and so that’s pretty cool miracle thing that happens anyways, then you go into the upsells, right?

So I go from a premium order form into more premium so if they’re willing to spend, you know, 45 to 95 bucks, I’m going again, Hey, do you want extra 45 to 95 bucks. So maybe we’re giving them like one of those things called like the pics, like the water Pixie, I think it’s called Waterpik, since we’re talking about teeth.

So Waterpik is like you know, 45 bucks if you want that then fantastic upsell on into, you know, maybe they get a container or something, maybe they get some little extra pieces for another $45 and then a warranty or something like that on the back end. So it’s fully premium, right, a lot of money.

And then the last one, which is my favorite, which is a premium the continuity, which is awesome, because one, guess what? We have tons of cash, it’s a cash machine premium funnels or cash.

And so now we have premium funnel, and then what we’re just doing is attaching a continuity piece bolting that onto the back. So it’s like, hey, do you want a toothpick or you know, a nice pic or a Waterpik? That’s going for 45 bucks. Yes, I do. Hey, do you want this as well? Maybe some extra things.

And then hey, do you want to have toothpaste you know, not only does the Waterpik clean out your gums, but you still need that, you know, you still need that fluoride. So we’re going to make sure that you have the toothpaste coming in on a monthly basis, which is like 30 bucks a month and it gives you four tubes, it feeds a family of 12, whatever it is, right, some crazy.

So that that’s my favorite. Those would be my top three funnels to implement as a business or as someone coming in.

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