Troy Dean of RockStar Empires

Troy Dean

Digital Business Coach at RockStar Empires

Troy Dean is the founder of RockStar Empires. Troy leads a team of 12 and generates over 7-figures a year with a niche membership site serving more than 700 members.

He has made all the mistakes and has cracked the code of high engagement, high retention and real impact in a great community.


Validate Your Membership Site Concept And Earn Profit From Day One

Troy Dean of RockStar Empires

Membership sites have become a bit of a trend among digital marketers and entrepreneurs. Everyone seems to have their own community now, or at least has an idea for one. This is all well and good, but how do you know your idea…

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Troy’s success

Validating the idea before they built anything

Result if you follow the steps in Troy’s session

A process to validate your membership community without spending capital or developing a product

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I taught and taught and taught and taught and then opened up to QA and they asked lots of questions. And I wrote all the questions down and folded all that information and researched that whole experience back into a survey, which I sent the attendees after the webinar and said, “Hey, that was fun. You want to do it again?” And they said, yes.

So I’m constantly validating here. “Alright, that was fun. But was it a fluke? Was it a one off? Do you want to do it again?” And they all said yes. 55 survey respondents said yes. And then I’ve got half a dozen of them on Skype.

And I said, “Let’s get real here. What does this look like? What do you know, is it a website? Is it a Facebook group? What does it consist of? What are the deliverables? What are the touch points? How often do you want to hear from us? What do you want to learn? How much will you pay for it?”

And I had five of them say, you know, tell me what to include. And say that if it was priced between 12 and 1500 dollars a year they would buy it right now. And I said, “Great. I’m coming to get you in two weeks time, and I’m going to hold you to that.”

And so I went away to a friend’s farm, shot the sales video, shot the welcome video, cut up that original webinar that I’d run into six chapters, loaded up in an optimized press members website, sent an email, open the doors for four days, and we had our first 55 members joining that four day weekend at $97 a month.

So that was about you know, just over five grand and recurring, added to our bottom line. And all of a sudden, we’ve validated the idea. And we had a business. That was in June of 2013.

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