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Tyson Quick

Founder and CEO at Instapage

Tyson Quick, the founder and CEO of Instapage, and a digital marketing and advertising wiz who’s addicted to creating amazing user experiences and laser focused on perfecting the landing page creation and optimization process.

Tyson founded Instapage in 2012 after seeing how performance and growth marketers were losing a lot of money in wasted ad spend. To date, more than 13,000 businesses, some as large as AllState, Oracle and HelloFresh, rely on Instapage.

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You really should start with choosing one channel. So maybe it’s AdWords for some people that want to target searchers, or for a lot of people it’s going to be Facebook. Facebook’s a pretty easy advertising platform, it gets set up on and lets you really dial into personas. 

Now, that said, you want to think about it because although Facebook’s easier it’s a little slightly less relevant in its targeting because relevant in the sense that with Google, they’ve actually typed in a search query and they have intent for something. 

So addressing that with an ad typically has even higher click through rate because they’re looking for information whereas with Facebook, you’re talking based on interests, etc. and not necessarily the user intent, and sought out that information, but they’re both really easy platforms to use. That’s just going to be up to, you know, your audience and what they decide they want to go after. 

But then you get in there and you know, if it’s Google, you’re going to choose some keywords, some geographic location targeting. With Facebook, it’s going to be some personas, again, some geographic or some demographic data. There’s a lot of guides and tutorials of how to set up and get ads running. 

And then you know, if you choose to do landing pages, which I highly recommend doing so just not because it’s just self serving to our business, our business goals, but we stand by landing pages because it makes no sense to just spend more and more money on the ads to try to get the same results. Like, spend a little bit of time and effort on optimizing that traffic, right?

A lot of people that we talked to are frustrated with advertising because they’re losing a bunch of money. But really, most the time, we find that they’re losing money because they’re not optimizing the page that they’re sending their ads to, or ideally, the pages have been with Instapage, we’ve made it super simple to, you know, get a page setup, you can choose a template that’s pre designed based on the campaign purpose. 

So if it’s lead generation, and we have a lot of lead gen pages, you can pick a template, you can, you know, brand it, you can customize the images and text to match the message that makes sense for your business. And then once you’ve built one page, you can duplicate these pages out really easily just by you know, clicking duplicate, and then you can publish them to their own URLs. 

And this is how you can, you know, really start sending all of your different ads to their own pages, and then you can go and quickly make changes and none of this requires an engineer or anyone that’s super sophisticated, you know. It just requires a little bit of time learning about the ad network and then a little bit of time, you know, designing and customizing your page. 

So ideally, if you’re, you know, if you’re doing internet marketing, you have some level of copywriting skills or you have access to, you know, some creative team, or creative person, maybe it’s a contractor to do some of the imagery and some of the messaging for your ads and pages, but other than that, it’s pretty much something that anyone can do pretty easily. 

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