Wayne Breitbarth of Power Formula LLC

Wayne Breitbarth

CEO at Power Formula LLC
Wayne has shared his expertise with more than 80,000 business professionals through private business consulting, dynamic presentations to worldwide audiences, and his critically acclaimed book “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success” (now in its third edition). He has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Wired, and American Express Open Forum and seen on NBC and Fox Business.



Growing Your LinkedIn Network Strategically

LinkedIn is a great source of business intelligence. That’s what it’s really meant for when you’re using it right. It’s like the old school “ear to ground” except amplified for the digital age.

When I was selling office furniture I’d use LinkedIn to find how who was putting up a new building in my area. That’s one of the ways I’d figure who might be in need of a new supplier.

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Using LinkedIn for endless referrals
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And it sounds a little bit creepy sometimes when you think I’m going to get her. But hey, everybody needs new relationships, right? And you just have to be confident, in fact that what you have or what you want to discuss with them is going to be a win win. If it doesn’t have to be a win win, then you got nothing to talk about whether it’s on the telephone, or wherever, right?

Yeah, absolutely. I think, you know, talking about creepy, I think, experiencing and doing this technique. And in the past myself, I found that when I approached these, these people, these prospects that I knew about them, I knew what their pain points were, what their business was about what they were looking for, and how I could possibly help them.

I could go and be really personal to them and, and they would be actually impressed by the fact that I done that research. I could be personal with them and I would stand out from all the other people who are approaching these people, if they, in some cases were influences.

That’s right Liam. And you just mentioned one of the points I was going to mention, the profile has information on it, that allows you to say to yourself, what’s my strategy for this person? Right? What do I have, based on what I’ve learned about what they’re doing, what their pain points are, and what their issues are? What, how do I have that solution? Right?

And so you already know because they given you all this interesting information on their profile. So start with looking at the list, strategizing, we want to talk to putting together a strategy what you’re going to talk to them about, I liked, like I said, printer profiles. Another list I want you to get a hold of is the speakers. Okay, the speakers. And I am one right, but I’m also an attendee.

Many times the speakers want to meet you. And they have a little bit of a rock star status. They might be the head of the association. They might be one they’re definitely the thought leaders of whatever association there’s no question. They don’t invite you to speak unless you’re going to break it. Right. So but they like to connect too.

And so I would say, before the event, connect with the speakers, right? I would definitely commit. And what I would say is, I noticed you’re going to be speaking at this association about, I’m really excited for your topic, I’m going to be in the front row. Let’s connect on LinkedIn so we can get our relationship started. That’s how I write the message.

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