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Wes Schaeffer

Founder at The Sales Whisperer®.
Wes has created a residual 6-figure income by mastering sales and marketing automation. He is the author of a book on the topic, has hosted The Sales Podcast since 2013 and has launched the CRM Sushi Podcast where he focuses on tools and technology to help small businesses automate their sales and marketing.


Close Clients Like A Machine With My ABCDE System

Too many entrepreneurs jump into business without having a lick of process. They’re usually suffering from a little too much “hero worship.” By that, I mean they see something their mentors are doing like using a certain platform or technique and they want to copy it.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Wes’ success
Using the ABCDE system
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Automated processes at each step in your customer journey that makes closing your client easier

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Most businesses, regardless what they say, are the same. At the end of the day, you’re a human being selling to a human being. Okay, and I broke this down into what I call the ABCDE system. And it’s still loop, it’s circular and it’s never ending.

You’re attracting visitors to your website or your place of business or your trade show booth. Then you’re attracting them to give their information okay, because we don’t need more visitors. People always say I need more traffic to my websites.

Do you need more traffic or do you need more prospects? Do you need more prospects or do you need more sales? And do you need more sales or you need more referrals? Right? So it’s like this infinite loop.

And so, what are you doing to attract people to first visit and then to give their contact information? And from there you bond with the people, right? A and then B, you bond through multimedia, multi step, consistent, relevant follow up. Okay? And these are things that they’re expecting to hear, expecting to receive from you.

Then the C the midway point is the sale, the close, the conversion, the cash. Most amateurs think that the sale, the cash, the close is the end goal. And that’s why they struggle because getting the money, now the relationship is really just beginning. Okay?

And the first half, you know, the girl agrees to go to prom with you. Well, on the close, she gives you a kiss good night, you’re like, Okay, now there’s a relationship. She wasn’t just being nice and didn’t want it. It’s not that you don’t want to sit at home with the prom on prom night. She likes me.

Okay, now they gave me the cash. But we’ve all had people return stuff. We’ve all had people filed chargebacks on us. So that’s where the D comes in. And that’s deliver. Do you deliver a wow experience? And ultimately do you over deliver?

Because if you sell $100 product, and I give you $100 and I received $100 product, okay. I’m just neutral, right? It’s lukewarm. It was worth 100, I paid 100. Now I give you $100 and you give me $200 worth of value or $500 worth of value.
Now I’m singing your praises.

Okay, now that’s where the E comes in, endear. You’ve endeared yourself to me to such a point that I’m telling the whole world about you. And when I tell the whole world about you, now we’re back to A now, you’re attracting people to your place of business.

So every step along the way matters. So this applies, right? At a trade show, it applies if you’re doing a webinar, it applies just on your website, you know, you have a lead magnet, then you can bond and drip on them, give them bonuses and free reports. Then maybe a trial close, maybe they buy your book, and then from your book, you upsell them, you know, to a program from a program to private coaching, right?

Then you over deliver, you know, you buy a book and I send you two books, you know, or you buy a book and I give you the book in an online version as well or private membership access I didn’t tell you about. So no matter what you’re doing, no matter what the medium, you have to follow that process, right?

Whether you can do this with billboards, you can do this when you wrap your car direct mail, doesn’t matter. Follow those five principles and have a process for each one of those, right? Because you got five steps there, but each of those could have multiple steps. And that’s where the magic comes in. Because on the one hand, you want the kiss, right? Keep it simple, stupid.

But Dan Kennedy, you know, he talks about embracing complexity. And what he means by that is, the more intimate, intricate steps you can put and execute, the greater you will differentiate yourself from the competition. Because they won’t pay attention to the nuances and the subtleties.

So the more attention to detail you can have in each and every step, you’re really going to set yourself apart from everyone else, and that’s where the differences may come in your business.

Okay, because a chiropractor may have some little nuances in there that are different from you know, a laser eye surgeon but it still entered the mind into the conversation going on the mind of the prospect, understand their objections, address them before they ever come up. So by the time you’re speaking with them, they’re 50 to 60 to 90% close, they just want to speak to a human being before they hand over their credit card.

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