Will Henshall of Focus At Will Labs

Will Henshall

 Founder at Focus At Will Labs

Will Henshall – CEO and Founder at Focus At Will a new science brain music for work subscription service that is proven to supercharge your productivity up to 4 times. He has had notable success as a creative, tech inventor and entrepreneur in three different fields – He has written songs and performed on many platinum hit records, he has 5 patents for audio collaboration recording studio technology and created the ProTools “Digidelivery” pro audio tool, and he has started 5 start ups in the past 30 years.


How I Stay Focused At Work & 4x My Productivity With Music

I’m very interested in helping people do things better. I started out in the music business as a songwriter and have had a hand in some hit songs.

What I’ve learned is that music really helps us feel better. Even sad music can help us get through a tough time. Happy music makes a celebration that much sweeter.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Will’s success

Staying focused at work and increasing productivity with Musicl Labs.

Result if you follow the steps in Will’s session

 A more focused mind and increased flow states during work sessions.

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Here in the in North America half of the workforces in an open plan office which means that you know there’s no cubicles there’s no offices right but 75% the Millennials so anybody 30 plus younger yeah but you know three-fourths of those folk are in an open office so if you have to get something done the first thing you’re gonna do is reach for your headphones.

All right we instinctively know that here’s where the rubber hits the road if you listen to any music that you like that’s been designed to engage you like any you know any kind of any music on Spotify or Apple music or Pandora or any of  these sort of commercial or any we’re all CDs if you still playing them that music is designed to engage you. It’s designed to have you pay attention to it so what you’ve just done by sticking these things in your ears is sure you’veblocked out the local noise but now you’re giving your brain something else to listen to divide your attention.

So you’re making that you’re making it worse we’ve actually done a lot of science around this we did a very large science research project this year with many thousands and we said hey what are you trying to work there’s three things we had a control group of another music a control group of whatever you want to listen to Bon Jovi, The Beatles you call it and then the folks that will audio and we found that there’s a significant statistically extremely important advantage to not listening to nothing and you’re saying that not wasn’t listening to no music or listening to music that you like.

The advantage is listening to the music that we provide which has all been remakes remastered very specific new types of music all right well I know that there was a lot of study that’s going in obviously with with the team that you’ve got involved to understand why people can’t focus yes what what are people doing wrong well the answer to what are people doing wrong when they’re trying to focus what well an obvious one is it wasn’t the music you like it’s gonna distract you he’s gonna divide your attention and I’ll talk about why most music that people like has got a vocal in it right she loves you yeah yeah right you hear the vocal the one that I wrote which is I’ve been thinking about you right back give me Oh London these things your brain not your brain that all humans brains are hard-wired to pay attention to certain sounds reason why is I’m talking to you now if I hear a voice over here behind me.

 But I don’t see cuz I’m concentrating on you right now it’s it’s something that’s called my Eggers ah giannis attention this is a little bit of science for it it’s not understand there’s two types of your attention and everybody will instinctively understand this there’s me talking to you guys now that’s something called my endogenous attention it is me focused on the thing I’m doing is me…

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