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Yariv Dror

CEO at Storeya

Yariv Dror is  the CEO and co-founder of StoreYa.com.

StoreYa offers a suite of marketing and advertising tools which helps SMBs to increase sales, leads and social following.

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Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

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So let’s drill down to the setup. So as I mentioned, Google is really doing an amazing job there, but something that you need to define.

The first one would be the parts of the site that you want Google to direct people to. Meaning, if you’re running an online store and you have a blog as well on the same domain, you might want to exclude the blog because you don’t want to pay for potential customers and get potential readers.

You want only traffic to your product. Or if you have categories of products that has less of a margin, you might want to move those off, and it can be easily configured using the DSA.

I’m just mentioning that it is very important for you to do it. Let’s discuss how to set up the budget.

So budget, you will need to define daily or even monthly budget. I would go for a daily. I would start small, something that you can really spare. I would like to see the results before I ramp it up. I always do it this way. And this is what I would recommend for you to do.

Okay, just quickly on that, if I ask, what is enough in terms of testing? Is it like just a couple of dollars? Is it $5? Is it $10? And how long a period should you look at it before you go?

Good question. I would start with a few 10s of dollars a day. I mean, every business and any online merchant or service provider should take the decision for his own but I would start with maybe 20,30, $40 a day just for the few days to see that you’re getting something in return. And run for a few days or maximum a week and see the result.

If you are not seeing there is, check again your setup and we will go through here for a few more stuff, a few more stuff that should be defined. But basically, that’s what I would recommend to do.

And let’s discuss the beads. So we have a little trick that we are using. One can do it manually, but this is not where we are talking to you today. I recommend that you do it automatically. You can use Google AdWords scripts or over holes or even API to do it.

And here is the tip. Start with any big, I mean start with $1 cost per click and come back to normal and see if you manage to spend the daily budgets that you set.

If you have managed to do so, decrease the bid by 10% and come back the day after. If you didn’t manage to do so, increase the bid by 10% and come back tomorrow.

Now this will enable you to find the perfect balance for your bid. You do need to do it repeatedly hence my recommendation to automate it and it is relatively easy to do.

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