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Yolanda Keels-Walker

Founder of Business Babes LLC

Yolanda Keels-Walker is an author, small business strategist and serial entrepreneur with a knack for networking with other entrepreneurs. Yolanda began her career with the Central Intelligence Agency after graduating from Hampton University with a BS in Business Management. She owns and runs two businesses sweet and hair salons.  She has been able to grow a base of over 30,000 in less than one year by doing 3 simple things.


Remaining Consistent And Authentic In The Age Of Instagram

I had a great experience early in my career learning about business strategy but I was learning in what you may think is an unusual environment. I started my career working for the CIA. Yes, the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Yolanda’s success

 Getting 32,000 followers in 12 months.

Result if you follow the steps in Yolanda’s session

An authentic and consistent Instagram channel that helps grow your authority and influence.

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Why you might be on Instagram and you’re why I might be different for Twitter versus Facebook versus Instagram and then why is simply you know what’s the entire point of me really having this page is it for my personal brand is itfor my business brand is it just to you know grow an audience.

So once you’re able to really kind of hone in on your why then you know ask yourself well why are people following me you know what is it about me specifically what is about my business or really the topic of the page like why would people follow is it interesting is it fun if your page now consists of you just posting selfies and you know pictures of your salad or that great Indian spot that you went to you know sorry but there might not be enough you did that’s why really interesting so you know really kind of add some personality to it if it’s you know because you want to be a brand influencer.

Ddo people find you friendly you know are you could you be someone’s friend in their head I know from following certain people on Instagram exactly how they would answer certain things exactly what they would say about certain things and it’s because of the way that they’ve been able to curate their page I can get a sense of who they are I like them I find them interesting and I want to know more if you kind of you know just take a step back and look and say hey with your page is this something that you know people like is this something that you know is attractive would I be considered you know the popular person in high school based off of this page then you know I feel like you really have a good base for your why the second part to that is really like after you figure out that part and things that might be interesting to you might not be interesting to the type of people that you want to follow.

So specifically speaking for me I am super private I’m actually very very shy but by my page you will not be able to tell that because I’m always constant like hey life of the party and that’s because honestly I know that that demographic or the people that respond to me those are things that they respond well to and so unfortunately nobody wants to see me curled up with my glasses on like reading a business book yes I show them but I might show them you know on my desk with like some pretty flowers from perfume so makeup just something more interesting versus  you know like hey this is this is real life like yeah you can you can still show real life and be real but jazz it up a little bit.

So that it’s more interesting so the second part would be consistent messaging once you really hone in on that why just saying okay these are the types of posts that I need to post so like Liam said for one of my pages I have a hair salon you can only  look at you know like above so many ways before you get tired of it and so we add interesting topics like when you go to my hair salon you really want a dish with your stylist on all the hot gossip and things that’s going good so we’ll cover you know like award shows what was she wearing why did she do that with her hair do you like this would you dye your hair that color we we go outside of the envelope so that it’s not boring and so that our clientele for that page know you know when I come to this page like I know I’m getting the same experience that I would in that salon.

And so we just cover different topics we call them you know shop talk and we ask for our client tells opinion and that is something that you know just kind of helps them feel more relatable like you know they could friend us even it might be you know like a cute Bob hey what do you think about this oh I think this is really cute I might try this or oh I really wish that she would have worn her hair longer it’s just it just creates the dialogue and it gets you absolutely more in tune with what your audience is thinking how they respond to to certain things.

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