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Zach Spuckler

Online business strategist at Heart Soul Hustle

Zach teaches online business owners how to get seen, be heard, and become profitable leveraging live streaming and Facebook. At 22 he left his job & Master’s program to generate $250,000 in sales his first year of livestreaming selling digital course and consulting services.

He also runs a top rated podcast that’s features guest such as James Wedmore, John Lee Dumas & Kimra Luna. He’s also been featured on Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast & Entrepreneur on Fire.


How Do Instagram Ads Work? My Quick Guide For Newbies

I’ve been studying Facebook Ads fairly intensely for the past 3 years. If you weren’t aware all ads on Instagram actually run through the Facebook Ads platform since Facebook is Instagram’s parent company.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Zach’s success

Figuring out how Instagram works.

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Your first ad optimized on Instagram via the Facebook Ad Manager.

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We’re actually right now inside the ads manager and we’re gonna start here but I want you to know that you should never ever ever be clicking this little button up here that says create an ad. This is a really bad way to run ads you don’t want to run out it’s like this you always want to be inside the power editor now.  The truth about the power editor is people get ridiculously freaked out about it but it’s actually the exact same it’s the same process.

They just make it look more intimidating I don’t know why but the reason we want to be in the power editor is you ever tried to run a Facebook ad or an Instagram ad and you’ve seen it like how is it that some people can have these ads that are like text on text on text it looks like they wrote a freaking novel and put it in their ad and then you go to run it and you get cut off at 140 characters because you’re using ads manager not the power editor the power editor removes limitations opens up new tracking features and honestly you just want to be in there.

I tell all of my students if you’re not in the power editor you didn’t come to play ball so start in the ads manager but you click this button up in the top left and you take it over to the power editor now if things change just now you can always go to facebook-dot-com forward-slash ads forward slash manage forward slash power editor now when we get in here it’s gonna look like whoa what’s going on. What this really breaks down to is you don’t need to really understand a lot of this stuff other than campaigns ad sets and ads okay so at the surface level the way Facebook breaks things down is you have campaigns and campaigns tell Facebook what you want to do.

Do you want to get video views do you want to get conversions do you want to get clicks to your website do you want to get post likes do you want people to just like you on Instagram do you want to get new followers so you tell it at the campaign level what the goal of it is the ad set level is housed within the campaign okay.

So you have one campaign and it can have as many ad sets as you want contained under it so we’re gonna tell Facebook hey I want to run this for conversions and I want to test out these 10 different ad sets and when an ad set does is it allows you to set the budget and the placement.So you’re gonna be saying okay I want to run this for conversions to get people to join my list and I want to spend $5 a day targeting Instagram we’ll just keep it simple you want to target Instagram and you want to spend $5 today that’s one on set I run another ad set where let’s say I want to spend $5.00 a day and I want to target Amy Porterfield then I’m gonna spend $5.00 a day on Amy Porterfield that’s another ad set and then each ad set has an unlimited number of ads and the ad is the copy the picture the image where you actually see in the Instagram feed okay.

So that’s like a very quick explanation of how it works here’s all you have to know one campaign feel free to put as many ad sets as you want in it my personal philosophy is when you’re first starting out just do one AD per ad set you can do as many ads as you want and tell Facebook to make the decision about what ad to spend the money on I would rather do my own split testing and say spend five dollars a day on Amy Porterfield and I’ll go check in 48 hours if it works or not okay.

So a perfect example we’re running one right here we have 18 conversions at 320 I would rather go back in and I’ll give you a perfect example here here’s a bunch of pages that we’re testing I would rather come in and say okay which of these is working and which of them isn’t rather than giving Facebook the choice to do my own targeting for me okay.

So that’s how ads ad sets and campaigns work so in order to create an Instagram ad you just come up to the top left and you click create ad you’re going to create a new campaign. So we’re gonna call this Instagram ad oops sample and our objective is gonna be for website conversions now you’re gonna be running it for website conversions if you’re sending them to a landing page and you want to get them to join your list now most of you are gonna be doing that there’s a ton of other stuff you could do with Instagram ads you could be after engagement you could be after comments you could be out your followers um but what you’re gonna see the best director turn on when you’re first starting out is the website conversions yes there’s all kinds of other strategies yes there’s way deeper stuff that when you first start out this is the easiest way to do it.

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