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Zahara Jade

Community Manager at HireInfluence

Zahara Jade is the community manager at HireInfluence. She’s an international content and digital media manager specializing in influencer marketing and social media seamlessly integrating brand content initiatives and creatives at all levels. She has leveraged nearly two dozen influencer Instagram accounts through interviews shared on Instagram. Her initial goal was brand awareness and she’s now blowing out that goal by leveraging influences.

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So if you want to use Instagram to find influencers, it’s a great platform to go about doing this. And you know, I kind of look at Instagram as like an influencer playground. So there are a number of tips that I can offer.

So you can just search Instagram like you can search your followers, you can search. If you notice when you go to follow somebody, they’ll give you recommendations for other people to follow.

And most of the time, if you’re a brand or a company and you’re starting to follow people, you want to follow people who are going to be in your audience and in your industry.

And then when you get suggestions from Instagram on who else to follow, like look at who they are, look at how many followers they have, if they have a certain number of followers, anything above 10,000 really, they could potentially be an influencer for you.

So Instagram is a great place to start. You can also utilize hashtags on Instagram, discover influencers to uncover them. But I’ll get into some specific tools that help you do that in a moment.

The other thing to do is just do a Google search to look for in influencers, because anytime you do a Google search nowadays, on specific keywords that are in your industry, related to your company, it’ll give you Instagram profiles that are related to what you’re looking for.

Yeah, so for brands, it’s important to search using hashtags related to your niche.

And it’s also a good idea to not just go for those big time so called celebrity influencers who have like a million or two plus followers. But micro influencers are great collaborators and long term brand ambassadors because you can build a longer term relationship with that.

So let me give you four tools that are really useful.

There’s one I found called Socialbakers, and they’re free tool offers a way to access the most shareable content from Instagram.

Analytics for your own profile. And that way you can analyze your most popular followers. And it’s also a tool that can help you form a nice picture for your influencer marketing campaign in this way by using it that way.

And then Hootsuite has actually a couple of tools they have demography ease, which is a plugin that provides useful Instagram demographic information on followers and, and users in Gen Gen. So it’s a great way to uncover influencers in your niche.

And they also if you look at the Hootsuite streams, anybody using Hootsuite knows about this, but it’s an organizing tool allows you to organize influencers into lists to track what they’re sharing and to discover those who will be great collaborators.

And then the last one I want to mention is Geopic. And it’s an Instagram centric app. Again, this is integrated through Hootsuite, but it monitors posts by location, hashtag and username. So it’ll help you uncover Instagram influencers that you might be looking for.

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