Do It The Screw The Nine To Five Way!

We’re the co-founders of Screw The Nine To Five! We help transform unsatisfied employees into dangerously successful entrepreneurs. To make this easy we use ClickFunnels and ConvertKit as well as Deadline Funnel.

We use Deadline Funnel to create automated countdown timers which are key to our time sensitive offers. It’s an IP based countdown timer and it syncs across multiple platforms. This means you can’t simply refresh the offer to reset it and it keeps the same time from a webpage to your email.


Our Four Step Sales Funnel That Works For Any Niche Or Topic

We have a specific sales funnel strategy that we use and there are four steps to it.

Step one is what we call a “read-magnet.” This can be a podcast or a blog post, it’s usually a free piece of content that we put up on the site.

This content is about one subject, it’s not all over the place or too general. For example, Facebook Groups is an OK topic but Facebook marketing would be too broad.

Step two is that we make an offer for a follow-up piece of content which we’ll email after they opt-in to our list.

Step three involves emailing them with an introductory offer relevant to the content they’ve been engaging with.

The last step is to upgrade them from the introductory offer to a customer offer. Once they are a fully acquired customer is a lot easier to retain them and sell them on further offers.

The real key with this funnel is keeping the topic congruent from the read-magnet all the way up to the customer offer.

We create tons of sales funnels like this in different topic areas.

A lot of entrepreneurs niche down until it hurts, which is smart because it allows them to be known for ONE thing.

However, it also leaves them with teeny tiny micro audiences and a limited number of topics to teach on.

With Screw The Nine To Five we do the opposite!

We cast a wide net (aka people who want to start and grow online businesses) and then we niche down through our different marketing funnels.

Is it everyone’s go-to method?


Does it work for us?

Hell yes!

The key is to get clear on what YOU want for your business and then execute on it!

We’ve recently chosen to simplify our business and have made some changes to our model so that we don’t have a bazillion funnels running anymore.

This solution works for us but if you’re creating lots of your own funnels it does take a lot of ClickFunnels management. ClickFunnels is great for creating opt-in and landing pages because so much of it is drag and drop. We wanted our funnel pages to look and feel like our native site pages and the platform offers enough customization that we were able to accomplish that.

ConvertKit is wonderful for our email campaigns. We run email sequences off the backs of these funnels.

If someone engages with our content but doesn’t take us up on the introductory offer we then send them a follow-up email sequence which will give them the chance to purchase it later, albeit at a higher price point.


Action Steps

  1. Build your read-magnet content that is offered for free on your website.
  2. Make an offer for content that they receive via an opt-in building on the initial topic.
  3. Move the prospect up to a low priced introductory offer.
  4. If they take you up on the introductory offer, give them the option to become a customer at a special price.
  5. If they don’t take you up on the customer offer send them an email sequence that offers it to them later at a higher price point.

Result You Will Achieve

Maximize sales with a realtionship-building sales funnel that delivers a congruent message.

Mentor: Josh And Jill Stanton

Co-Founders of Screw the Nine to Five. Together Josh and Jill have built a brand that is powered by self-liquidating automated sales funnels which allow us to build their list and customer base for free.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.