Category: Product Launch

Manoj Govindan

Advisory Board For Startups: A Must-Have To Avoid Common Pitfalls

Mar 31, 2019

Engineering Business, Case By Case I’m an engineer, by background, so at the core I’m inspired by helping people build new things. Even though I now work primarily with large bankers I still haven’t given up my engineering mindset. Working with large investors and vendors of technology I’ve seen up

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How I Map My Product Launch Timeline For Success

Feb 01, 2019

A Lifetime Of Launches I’ve been launching projects my whole life. Even when I was a kid! I would think of crazy projects I wanted to do, and then I’d break them all down in my head step by step with my plan to get them done. Before I worked

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Jonathan Hunsaker

Summit Vs Docu-series: Virtual Summit Model Comparison

Apr 16, 2020

What’s A Docu-series? I’ve been involved with internet marketing for about a dozen years or so and have been doing product launches for the last 6. When I met my business partner in 2014 we looked at the traditional launch model and decided we could take it further. That’s when

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Ray Edwards

Sales Copy Tips For A Successful Product Launch

Dec 12, 2018

Everything Is Copy Ok so I stole the title of my blog from Nora Ephron, but I agree with it 1000%. That’s why I decided to become the original product launch copywriter and why I’m here today.   Product launches are spectacular, they have such transformative power over people’s businesses

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Benji Hyam

How to Launch and Grow with Content Marketing

Dec 12, 2018

Content Is The Glue Of Community Over the past 8 years, I’ve used content marketing at various companies to build an audience of potential customers and drive growth. Our agency Grow and Convert has grown completely off of content marketing and our previous company Wordable, that was acquired, was launched

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