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How I Stay Focused At Work & 4x My Productivity With Music

Feb 10, 2019

Time To Restore Your Attention I’m very interested in helping people do things better. I started out in the music business as a songwriter and have had a hand in some hit songs. What I’ve learned is that music really helps us feel better. Even sad music can help us

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Laura Roeder

3 Big Rocks To Increase Productivity At Work

Oct 30, 2018

Planning As A Strength When I first got into the development world I was an outsider, I didn’t have a background in coding. I was actually a marketer before I was a founder. My business, MeetEdgar, was created with productivity in mind. What we do is help small business create

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Michael Hyatt

Key Motivations To Achieve Your Goals (With Consequences)

Oct 09, 2018

Setting Goals For Growth And Happiness Most of my career was spent in the book publishing industry and now I’m an author and involved with my new business. I’ve also been married for 40 years and I have 5 daughters and 8 grandchildren so I always have a full plate

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Wayne Breitbarth

How I Prepare For A Networking Event (My Secret: LinkedIn)

Apr 16, 2020

Life Before LinkedIn I don’t have to go into a conference blind anymore, I can just go online and search. You’d have to be crazy not to use the greatest database we could ever wish for with your networking pursuits. I’ll show you how to use LinkedIn to save time

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