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Ryan Lee

Founder at FREEDYM

Ryan Lee has been running online businesses since 1999 and was called The World’s #1 Lifestyle Entrepreneur by Entrepreneur.com


Over Emailing? The Right Balance & Focusing On What Drives Sales

I’ve been running online businesses since 1999. (Yes, I know I’m that old.)

I’ve had tremendous success with sending out daily emails to my list all while still having a life.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Ryan’s success

Finding the right balance in emailing.

Result if you follow the steps in Ryan’s session

Emails that naturally flow from an authentic and creative place that also provide a ton of value to the audience.

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The first thing you got to do is figure out your environment so everyone is different right you have to figure out where you feel best and most creative and you’re ready to get into that mode I I separate so I have I’m here in my basement office I have a desk over there in the corner that desk is like where I pay bills and taxes and stuff I hate right hate that’s up I don’t write my email there ever my eat my I you never in the creative process over there.

For me what works is I like getting up in the morning first thing in the morning I get up 5:00 5:30 in the morning get showered just get out of the house and go to a coffee shop there’s something about that the background noise is being around people the energy the smells having having my little drink there that warm drink it just puts me like in that zone and I don’t check email I turn off instant message all that stuff the only thing that’s on is I keep my phone on vibrate so but if my wife calls me I answer because I’m terrified of her.

But besides that I don’t answer the phone and I just get in a zone and I’m like take a deep breath and I just write I start writing now in terms of the actual mental process here’s what I do I like to have email have a point eventually there’s look to make a sale you need some type of CTA a call to action right whether it’s click here to sign up for our next webinar click here to come to my live event click here to buy my ebook click here to sign up for a coaching call look here to apply for a coaching call click here to join my membership site whatever that’s CTA is your gonna get them from email to something.

So often not every time I would say 90% time I sit down it’s okay what’s my call to action for today where do I want to lead people to so if it’s hey we’re just announcing our next freedom fest event and that’s where I want them to go so now I know what my call to action is I know at the end of the day I mean I gotta kind of get them over to Freedom

Fest it’s gotta tie in somehow so I always start start at the beginning of my email with something personal whether it’s hey I’m here at the coffee shop or I only have a few minutes because I’m coaching my kids baseball in an hour or you know last night wait it was a late night a movie night so something personal to show that like I’m just I’m just like you a real person.

But it should always relate to your brands so my brand is you know freedom right you you can’t get any more of a brand than what it is it’s freedom with a why that’s the correct way to spell it by the way uh you so maybe someone watching this is a triathlete so it doesn’t make sense for you to say oh I was just you know watch Netflix for two hours and like you lazy bum like yours mate and obviously you look you always always want to tell the truth I never make up stuff because it just feels fake it’s inauthentic so if you’re triathlete and later today you’re about to run three miles say hey you know I’m excited cuz later today.

I’m doing three miles but I’m doing a new course and it’s got a hill you know a 45 degree angle or maybe you’re not running today and last night you did hey yesterday I had an amazing run and a 10-mile bike and my legs are sore because I forgot to do this stretch and then you get into the content into the meat into the teaching like what’s that thing that you’re talking about so with me maybe it’s about I’d like to look at what happened yesterday I like to look at what’s happening today so for example just this morning I had a I met up at the coffee shop with my good friend Peter Hoffman filters and who happens to be my business attorney and we’re just chatting so I could have led off.

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