I Started As An Adwords Outlaw…

In 2010 I was marketing on Google Adwords and my account got banned for promoting a Network Marketing client!

I thought my life as an internet marketer was over! Fortunately the “Google Police” let me slide and I got into YouTube.

Immediately, I started getting website conversions and I was off to the races.

A friend of my mine hired me to repeat my results with his company and I was able to increase their conversions by 30%.

I goofed on this deal because I really should have charged him way more considering how well the videos were performing. Oh well, lessons were learned there!

As I moved forward in my career as a video marketer I started getting asked to speak at events. That’s what led me on the path to becoming a teacher and running my video boot camps.

What I’ve found with video is that lead gen is fairly easy, that’s where I started, and selling low ticket items is as well.

With midrange tickets having an automated webinar helps a lot, but most people struggle with sales once the ticket range is north of $2,000.

What I’ve discovered is that you can actually sell very high tickets using video, but you have to do it in the right way.

The high ticket world is a bit counterintuitive. When you roll out a highly produced video it comes off as salesy and impersonal.

Usually, the person in the video gives off an awkward vibe like they don’t fully buy-in to their own pitch. This can deeply damage the relationships you’re hoping to build.

Video is all about being social these days and with high ticket sales you want to come off as authentic as possible.

It’s almost as if the less “professional” you seem the more trust you signal to your audience. I’ve seen this happen more than once even with my beginner clients and their customers loved them!

Just being yourself works. Don’t dress up in nicer clothes than you’d ordinarily wear and don’t go too far with your lighting or set up.

Taking the focus off yourself and keeping on your powerful message goes a long way when you’re selling a high ticket item.

How You Show Up On Camera

Video is a medium that truly exposes who you are in real life. For most folks, they get stressed out by performances and that’s exactly what video is.

They’ll be cool, calm, and collected, all the way up into the minute the camera turns on. Then they tense up!

They forget the script they’ve been rehearsing and they switch into that shifty nervous mode. This is what kills your credibility with your audience.

If you really are an awkward mess in real life then that’s how you want to show up on camera too, because then you’re owning who you are. You’re being vulnerable and that’s what’s going to show through.

There’s more to my approach, but these are some of the big insights I’ve gleaned from my experiences out in the marketplace.


Action Steps

  1. Keep your videos more lo-fi to come off as authentic and convey trust.
  2. Don’t dress up to give a more polished look than you normally have.
  3. Be yourself on camera don’t pretend to be cooler than you are or own the fact that you’re a little quirky.
  4. Be vulnerable and focus your video on the value you’re providing.


Result You Will Achieve

Selling high ticket items using video by being yourself and not focusing on over producing your video.

Mentor: Justin Teoh

Leading Video Marketer at Nice Guy Marketing, helped some of the world’s leading international speakers and internet marketers generate leads, customers and sales by using video.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.