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Time is money, and we value both. Talks Core streamlines the collaboration process, allowing you to connect seamlessly with an unlimited number of podcast hosts and guests. No more wasted hours on ineffective outreach or mismatched connections. We ensure efficient and productive collaborations, helping you make the most of your time.


Get featured with a Core premium listing in our extensive network of industry leaders and influencers. Open doors to exciting collaborations, joint ventures, and new business opportunities. Talks Core Membership provides the perfect environment for you to thrive among a community of trailblazers with top search placements, video pitch feature, premium search filters and professional badge.

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There are millions of podcasts and even more people seeking guest appearances on shows.

It’s noisy and it can be easy for your listing to become lost in the sea of profiles. Stand out from the crowd.

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Top Profile Placement in Search Results

Appear ahead of Lite listings and take center stage.

With Core you gain a competitive edge with enhanced profile visibility in search results. By capturing the attention of a maximum number of potential podcast hosts and guests you amplify your reach, attract high-quality collaborations, and accelerate your personal brand’s growth.

Secure your position at the top and unlock unparalleled opportunities.

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Upgrade today to highlight your profile and stand out from the other listings. Get noticed and increase your visibility so you can attract more high-quality collaborations with top influencers in your market.

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Boost your profile and gain instant credibility with our Certified Professional Badge.

Set yourself apart from the competition as a trusted expert and showcase your commitment to professionalism and excellence, attracting high-quality collaborations and unlocking exciting new opportunities.

Video Pitch On Your Profile

Stand out and make a powerful first impression by leveraging our exclusive Video Pitch feature, exclusively available to Core members.

Create personal connection, showcase your unique style, convey passion, authenticity, and expertise whilst building immediate rapport with potential collaborators.

Unlimited New Message Threads with Your Matches

No more searching for contact details or managing multiple platforms and sifting through cluttered inboxes.

Instead, initiate conversations fast, and focus on what matters most – building remarkable podcasting collaborations.

With our powerful in-app messaging we remove limitations of email and manual outreach, and embrace a streamlined, efficient, and personalized communication experience.

Connecting with podcast hosts and guests has never been easier!

Access to Premium Search Filters

Access the power of precision with our exclusive feature: Premium Search Filters.

Customize your searches and unlock a world of possibilities tailored to your specific needs.

Refine your searches based on niche categories, target audience, expertise, and more. Get precisely what you’re looking for, faster, with this Core feature.

Unlimited Search Results

Tap into our growing network of podcast hosts and guests, as well as potential collaborators.

With Unlimited Search Results, there are no boundaries or limitations on your exploration.

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Being on Top Matters

We all know the importance of ranking highly on search engines, like Google.

Just as being on the first page or at the top of Google search results can make or break a business, securing the top spot on the Talks platform is equally game-changing for speakers and show hosts.

Why does it matter?

When users search for speakers or show hosts, they’re naturally drawn to the profiles that appear at the top.
People tend to trust and explore the options that are easily visible and accessible. By being prominently displayed, you significantly increase your chances of catching the attention of event organizers, show hosts, and potential collaborators.

When you rank high in our search results, you establish yourself as a reputable and sought-after speaker. This boosts your credibility and opens doors to prestigious speaking engagements on shows with larger audiences. As your visibility grows, so does your influence, leading to more leads, sales, and valuable connections.

Secure Your Top Spot

This has a huge impact on the long-term results – and income – from your speaking engagements and show collaborations.

It’s easy to see that you can’t underestimate the power of making a strong first impression.

So if you’re serious about converting listeners into paying customers and clients, you’ll want to upgrade to Talks Core Membership today and secure your spot at the top of our search results.

It’s time to experience the transformative impact of being visible, trusted, and in-demand within the industry.

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