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During This Call You Will

Get a crystallized vision to earn $10k to $100k per month – depending on your current income and goals – in your coaching, speaking or expert business.

Discover the biggest challenge preventing you from getting high paying clients and recurring revenue.

Create a plan and path to start getting clients in the next 30 days and build your automated predictable income system.


Listen to what a few clients say about their
experience working with us

“It’s the best business decision I’ve made yet. It’s been amazing!”

– Sara Artemisia, Plant Spirit Herbalism Summit

“I have been blown away by the amount of content, support and opportunity I got from it”

– Philippa Gillstrom, Hugin Consulting

“Liam is always adding value. The coaching has showed me what I would need to follow and triggered a few sparks. Liam’s methods resonates so much with me.

– Tolis Dokianos, Apex Video Marketing

“It’s just a comfort knowing that I’ve got this thing, it feels safe and I just got to follow the process and I’ll get to the end goal

– Ian Segail, Business Coach



From having gotten tired of the slow growth, and unpredictability in my own business, I created a system called ‘Predictable Income Freedom’, successfully helping my clients create their dream businesses, with consistent predictable monthly income that truly supports their lifestyle!



Getting predictable income is a struggle for many business owners. But the financial rollercoaster creates stress, makes it difficult to hire team members and get the tools necessary for growth.

It’s also a red flag for financial services, which can hold you back from living your dream lifestyle!

That’s why, predictability is a focus when we develop a plan with our clients!



We work with a wide range of entrepreneurs – from people who are just starting their business to owners of multi-million dollar businesses.

Whether you’re looking for $10k months, $100K months or making 7 figures – we help you scale your business in a sustainable way that leverages your best skills, and creates procedures to take care of the rest.



What does freedom mean to you?

  • Location independence?
  • 4 hour work days?
  • More disposable income?
    Whatever it is, we help you set up a lifestyle-focused business that creates freedom to do what makes you happy!

    Virtual Event Strategiest & co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ

    “I want to help you create
    Predictable Income Freedom”


    Hi, I’m Liam Austin! My main passion is to helps business owners create a lifestyle business, using my proven 7-step high-ticket offer system to create Predicatble Income Freedom.

    I’m a virtual event strategist, having launched over 15 virtual summits and online conferences, hosting over 400 speakers whilst educating 100,000+ business owners through his programs.

    With all this exerience, I’m is a specialist at making it easy for people to create their own online events and virtual conferences o grow their email list, authority, impact and revenue.

    Hear From Industry Leaders

    Eben Pagan

    Eben Pagan

    Entrepreneur & Investor

    “Liam is the “guru” of teaching others how to do summits and has been personally advising me lately in doing one of our own.”

    Rich German

    Rich German

    Coach, Author & Speaker

    “We run three [summits] a year ourselves, and participate in just as many.


You won’t find anyone with more hands-on experience in this than Liam, so don’t miss out on a chance to learn from him.”

    Steve Olsher

    Steve Olsher

    Podcast Magazine

    “You’ll be in great hands with Liam. He’s figured out what works and what doesn’t work. Everything in the training really streamlines the process. I’ve known Liam for a number of years, and I only support people I trust and I wholeheartedly trust Liam. I know he is the best in this space.”

    Jeanna Gabellini

    Jeanna Gabellini

    Business Coach

    “The dude has built his business using this single strategy and has more people on his email list than me. And I’ve been at this for 23 years!”

    Want To Hear From More Of Our Clients?

    “I was struggling and feeling stuck. Now, I feel I have the tools and resources to get the lifestyle I want of earning and putting together the workshops and building recurring revenue.”

    – Steve Hall, Life and Business Coach

    “What I found with Liam is a paint-by-number system, every details covered, every checklist covered every step of the way. His teaching and training is honestly second to none

    – Henri Schauffler, Virtual Selling Summit

    “Liam is so approachable and puts you at ease to ask whatever questions you might have.”

    – Gaia Ferreira, Gaia Ferreira International

    “If you want to have a fresh outlook on your entrepreneurship I highly recommend you participate in Liam’s training.”

    – Adrian Van Iersel, LinLeads

    Liam Provided The Roadmap To My 100,000 Email List

    “Before working with Liam I had a small community. Today I have over 100,000 email subscribers. Liam provided the roadmap and support I needed to get to where I am today.”

    – Carl Cincinnato, Migraine World Summit

    How would your life look if you built your dream business?

    What would if feel like to have a clear path, waking up each morning knowing exactly what you need to do today, to get one step closer to the dream?

    The first step is your FREE coaching call.

    We’re Here To Help

    Being a business owner can sometimes be a lonely journey. That’s why, it’s invaluable to get a second expert opinion and a fresh set of eyes having a look at your business where you’re currently at, and discuss the next best steps.

    That’s exaclty what you’ll get on this coaching call – at no cost.

    We offer this because we want to help and support you become the best version of yourself!

    If you’re ready to make it happen, we’re here for you!

    Book your complimentary coaching call now.

    Book Your Free Coaching Session To Create A Plan To Fill Your Courses & Programs Faster

    Times are filling up fast – grab your offer to book a coaching session now!