Everything Is Copy

Ok so I stole the title of my blog from Nora Ephron, but I agree with it 1000%.

That’s why I decided to become the original product launch copywriter and why I’m here today.

Simply put, copy is writing that takes a persuasive point of view or encourages the reader to take a specific action. It’s the engine of all sales and marketing when it comes down to it and you can’t have a great product launch without great copy.  
Product launches are spectacular, they have such transformative power over people’s businesses and lives too.

I’ve seen it over and over again with my clients. Of course I work for some of the top names out there but I also work with plenty of up-and-comers and for me, there’s nothing like seeing the changes in a person as they take their business up to six or seven figures for the first time with a product launch.  

There’s two different bullseyes you want to hit in terms of where your copy is needed most. This is on the pre-launch content and your sales page.

Pre-Launch Content

The copy usually found in pre-launch content are either videos or emails, preferably both where the emails support and frame the videos.

This is the copy that the customer sees before the product is even available for sale.

The pre-launch content sets up the expectations or promise of what’s going to be found inside that video. (This could also be another type of content, an audio, pdf, etc.)

Each email and video in the sequence moves the prospect one step further along in their buying journey.

I use a three video sequence for all my pre-launch content and then I follow up with my sales video to go for the close.

The Sales Copy

Most often this is in the form for a sales letter or a video sales letter, you need at least one of these too.

If you don’t get the copy right in these two places it’s going to seriously hinder the performance of your launch.

Ideally, your sales letter should be strong enough to be able to cold sell a prospect.

This means even if they haven’t seen any of your other material but they stumble on your sales letter, they go ahead and buy it right on the spot.

When’s The Best Time To Write Copy?

It’s before you even create the product! I’m not joking, it may sound crazy, but it’s true. That’s because you can write the sales copy as if you are writing to the perfect customer.  
Then you can write about what they need help with and exactly how your product will solve their problem.

If you can accomplish that in your writing then you can match the product to that group of buyers.

Even if you already have your product it’s worth thinking about it like you haven’t because you may find a gaping hole in your product that needs to be patched up! If you can do this pre-launch then you’re saving yourself a ton of headaches down the road.

If nothing else focus on these two areas and write your copy before product development!

Action Steps

  1. Write out a persona of your perfect customer.
  2. Create the product best suited to them or fix any holes you have in your current copy.
  3. Write your pre-launch copy and content (video sequence).
  4. Decide on what combination of sales letter or video sales letter to use.
  5. Test your sales letter to see if the copy is strong enough to convert cold prospects.


Result You Will Achieve

Find holes in your product pre-launch and strengthen your copy in the places it’s needed most.

Mentor: Ray Edwards

Founder of RayEdwards.com. Ray is a communications strategist and copywriter for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.