How To Go Viral

“Going viral” often relies on people sharing your content.

Trillions of views across thousands of viral videos have been clocked in because people decided that it was not only worth their time to watch these videos, but it was also worth it to share them with their social networks.
Think of the last time you’ve been online and saw a cool video.

Didn’t you want to share it with your friends and family? Did you then hit the share button? Wasn’t it easy? Of course it was, it’s just one extra click. The hard part is in creating content that makes people want to make that extra click.

However, even the best content needs help in order to become truly viral. I will show you how to harness the natural impulse to share that adds virality into your marketing efforts around your launch.


Being First To Share

People love to be the first ones to share new stuff for a number reasons.

Most of the time people just want to be seen as hip and knowledgeable about what new things are happening around their interests.

So how do we take advantage of this seemingly natural behavior?

You can incentivize it.

If you include copy at the end of your promotional material that encourages sharing, it enhances an already strong impulse. You want to be the match that starts a fire.

An example of this would be some copy placed at the end of a promotional video that says, “If you share this video we will send you a bonus training guide, just email us and we will send out your free guide.”

This gives a prospect a personal reason to share your content because you are now providing an additional benefit to them.

Power Of The Unexpected

People also love new and unexpected things. I mean check out any video that has gone viral and there is always something unique that allowed it to break the mold.

Does that mean you should only try to promote things that are new and unseen before? No, absolutely not.

You have to keep in mind that your audience is hopefully going to share this with other people.

If your messages are too negative or edgy they won’t work as well in the long run.

Stay positive in the content of your video and try to surprise your viewers!

Value The Review

People value other people’s reactions to products. You want to show them that people are happily buying your product.

Make sure on your sales pages that you are including testimonials and reviews for your product. This might make that positive difference between a conversion and not making the sale.

You can use these three nuggets of wisdom to improve your product launch, and hopefully harness the power of sharing to create a viral feeding frenzy for your product.  

Action Steps

  1. Incentivize sharing in the copy for your videos. The extra prompt and nudge is often all that’s needed
  2. Make positive and unexpected content for your viral video. It will be easier to share.
  3. Add in product reviews and testimonials to your product page, this will encourage others to be more confident in your product assertions.


Results You Will Achieve

Content for your launch that will more likely to be shared by your audience having a viral effect.

Mentor: Jay Davis

CEO of Creatably. Jay has over $100M in revenue created through marketing campaigns.