Hint: The List Is Shorter Than You Think

I’ve worked in the TV business for years and over time I’ve shifted my career into online video. I want it known that I’ve been in the video world before it was cool! It’s great to see video bursting in popularity these days and now all sorts of businesses are starting to create their own content.

A big question that comes up when people want to get into video is “what equipment should I use?” Now I understand that this can seem incredibly daunting but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be.


You Can Use Your iPhone!

It’s actually pretty amazing that our smartphones have come such a long way in terms of video quality. Now they are nowhere near the level of a professional camera but for most short done-on-the-fly videos you don’t need to bring in any heavy duty equipment. As long as your phone was made within the last three to five years, it should be capable of producing high quality video.

However, for these types of videos they actually work better when they look a little rough around the edges. It helps to convey the authenticity of your brand by not needing to make everything look fancy and perfect like it was done by professionals. Even top brands have shot commercials on smartphones and it gives them that DIY feel to their message.

Most of the time when I make short videos like these I just use my iphone and edit on my iPad. I like telling beginners this because now they have zero excuses for getting started. Your entire crew and studio are now in your pocket and backpack.  
Now if you want to go a little more high tech, here are some of my thoughts and recommendations.

Microphones Are Key

I use a blue snowball USB mic, these are great mics that are highly portable and also not too expensive. If I’m shooting a video outdoors I might use the smaller lavalier microphone because it’s usually a more chaotic environment. But again the headphones that Apple produces for their phones are pretty good, I would only use them indoors, yes it really is that simple now.

If you’re creating a podcast then you may want to spend more since the audio quality is even more crucial for that medium. I recommend the Blue Yeti mic which is still a fairly affordable option that works just like the ones in the $300 to $400 range.

Webcams Work Too

Nearly every computer has a built-in webcam these days. But if you want or need to buy an external one I recommend buying one from Logitech for a solid affordable option. (Around $50 is a good price point.)

Accessories Help

If you’re shooting on your phone consider getting a tripod for videos done at home and a selfie stick for when you’re on the go. Having a tripod means you can have both hands free and it gets rid of any steadiness issues you may have holding your smartphone. These accessories give you more range in where you can shoot video and don’t cost a lot.

That’s really all the basics you need to get started, so pull your phone out of your pocket and get to work!


Action Steps

  1. Use your smartphone to capture video as long as it’s not more than 5 years old.
  2. You can also use an iPad to edit your videos.
  3. Use a Blue Snowball USB mic, or a lavalier if you are shooting outside.
  4. Accessorize with a tripod and a selfie stick.
  5. Get out and start making videos!


Results You Will Achieve

The no-more-excuses equipment you need to start shooting quality video content today.

Mentor: Lou Bortone

CEO at Lou Bortone Video Marketing, Lou Bortone have got 20 years experience in the entertainment industry (TV, cable) and another 10 years of online marketing experience.


This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.