Using A Short Sales Funnel For Your Webinar

Now as a webinar junkie I have to let you know that I absolutely love them. I’ve been one of the most successful internet marketers of all-time in the webinar space.

Yes, they are not the end-all-be-all solution, but more often than not I see other strategies being used when a great webinar would really knock it out of the park!

The conventional wisdom in the market says you need to go with a longer roll-out strategy like 21-days or even 35-days. I’m not that patient!

I don’t want to wait several weeks to make a several thousand dollar sale, but hey maybe that’s just me!

I understand the fears and the thinking that you need to build trust, build rapport, communicate value and all the rest so you’re not seen as some random stranger asking for money on the internet.

However I’ve developed a rollout strategy that can accomplish all of these steps in the selling journey in far less time. In fact we’ve sold a $5,000 product to customers who hadn’t heard of me in the morning but by evening they had completed their purchase orders.

Why webinars are so effective in general is because they take the standard advertising formula of “value add before you offer” and condenses them down into a single segment.

Typically, when we are being advertised to, the advertisement isn’t valuable by itself.

It’s only valuable after you buy the product and are happy with your results! We get around this whole problem by starting off the webinar with a 45 to 90 minutes section that acts as a major paradigm shift for your audience.

You want them coming out of this segment feeling like they’ve gotten more insight into the problem you’re solving than they have from other products that they’ve paid full purchase price for.

Not only that, but now they feel hope and possibility for the future of their business and this is all before they’ve even paid you a dime.

If you can accomplish this on the webinar then you are immediately jumping ahead of all the other people who’ve been prospecting to them for the last six months.

Essentially what is happening here is that you are demonstrating for them what it would be like to be your paying customer. This is incredibly powerful.

High Ticket Offers Only

It also naturally leads into delivering an effective offer that will be hard to turn down.

If your product requires some education to be sold and you can combine the delivery of this information with creating that powerful “Ah ha” moment for the prospect then you are going into the offer portion with a massive amount of leverage.

Another key is crafting a high ticket offer. People aren’t out there selling $29 ebooks on 7 hour webinars. It’s simply not a match for the value equation. You want to be selling a high transaction value offer.

Typically $1000 or more.

It’s not going to be the right fit for everybody, but you have to consider that in most markets its the top 20% of the buyers who are spending 80% of the money.

These are the “whale” customers you want to be seeking out for your business. Focus most of your resources and time in catering to this end of the market and you will be on your way to becoming a leader in your space.


Action Steps

  1. Spend the first 45-90 minutes of your webinar providing a paradigm shift.
  2. Zero in on the pain points most important to your prospect and validate that you understand them better than 90% of other offerings.
  3. Leave them with an “Ah ha” moment that cements your stature above your competitors.
  4. Give a high ticket offer (4-figure range) that’s geared towards the 20% of consumers who spend 80% of the money in your market.


Result You Will Achieve

Webinars thats are massively more effective than all the competition in your particular market and a stronger bond with your prospective clients.

Mentor: Jason Fladlien

CEO of Rapid Crush. Jason develops solutions for internet marketing, specifically related to WordPress and Facebook.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.