A maverick?

"Samuel Maverick was a Texas rancher who refused to brand his cattle, which led to the word 'maverick' meaning someone who is independently minded."Are you a maverick?

Never give away

"Jet Li turned down a role in The Matrix Reloaded because Hollywood producers wanted to record and copy all of his martial arts moves into a digital library, with all rights going to them." Never give away your most valuable asset.

So good

"An Olympic rower named Henry Pearce stopped mid-race to allow ducklings to pass by him and he still won the race." Become so good in what you do that you can let ducks pass by in the middle of your race.

Your idea

"When Alexey Pajitnov invented Tetris in 1984, he earned no royalties for it due to living under the Soviet government. It was only in 1996, after he moved to the United States and founded The Tetris Company, that he started making money off of it." Can you make money from your idea?

Far ahead

"In 36 BCE, Roman statesman Marcus Varro wrote about germs, describing "minute creatures which cannot be seen by the eyes, which...enter the body through the mouth and nose and there cause serious diseases." The germ theory of disease would not be accepted widely for another 1,900 years." Is your idea so far ahead of its time?


"The inclusion of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" in 1992's Wayne's World helped propel the song to #2 on the charts seventeen years after the song was first released." Look for unconventional means of promotion.

Fight it

"There is a "honeymoon phase" for people who acquire a new job that usually ends after the first year of employment. Happiness levels dip after the first year, and stress levels continue to rise and rise each year thereafter."What do you do to fight the stress?


"Gatorade created a “liquid printer” to animate water droplets. This took 5000 man hours to create and was for a commercial." Innovation takes time.

Back up

"One of the moons of Jupiter was lost for 25 years because the astronomers who discovered it didn't take enough data."Make sure you back up your data!

Not enough

"There is a scifi short story called 'The Man Who Came Early' where a modern engineering student is sent back in time but his lack of practical know-how and his over-sophisticated ideas lead to none of his suggestions being implemented." Having ideas is not enough.

Say it

"There is the "Dr Fox Effect". Researchers created a jargon-filled, contradictory, and nonsensical lecture. Audiences rated the lectures highly if the presenter was expressive, even though the lecture was gibberish." Sometimes, it's how you say things that matter.

Take risks

"Werner Forssmann, a physician, risked his own life to show that cardiac catheterization could work. He cut a hole in his arm and inserted a catheter into a vein, not knowing if the catheter might pierce a vein. He was later awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine." Sometimes, you have to take risks.

Stick to it

" Max Planck was told by his professor to not go into Physics because "almost everything is already discovered". Planck said he didn't want to discover anything, just learn the fundamentals. He went on to originate quantum theory and win a Nobel Prize." Sometimes, you need to stick to what you feel is right.


"Bonnie Tyler's 1983 power ballad "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was originally written as a vampire love song. It was called "Vampires in Love" and was to be part of the musical "Nosferatu.""Repurposing works!

Your success

"Billionaire Warren Buffett still lives in the house he bought before he was rich, and still eats breakfast at McDonald's almost everyday." When you succeed, what do you plan to do with your money?

Your passion

"Stephen Pruitt has made more than 2,500,000 edits to Wikipedia articles (he's edited a third of Wikipedia's nearly 5.7 million pages) and has generated more than 31,000 original articles in the past 13 years." What's your passion?

Boost sales

" Paulo Coelho, internationally famous author of The Alchemist, "pirates" his own works -- by publishing torrents of his own books on file-sharing sites -- because he discovered that torrenting his books on Bittorrent actually boosted sales of his books quite significantly." There are many ways to boost sales. What's yours?


The song "Every Breath You Take" by The Police is supposed to be about someone obsessed with a lost lover, and who stalks them. Sting, who wrote it, is troubled by how many people think it is a love song." Sometimes, people may not perceive what you are offering in the way that you intended it to be.


"Roger Boisjoly was an engineer working at NASA in 1986 that predicted that the O-rings on the Challenger would fail and tried to abort the mission but nobody listened to him." Listen to experts.

The Name

"MRI was originally called NMRI (nuclear magnetic resonance imaging), but the use of 'nuclear' in the acronym was dropped to avoid negative associations with the word." How did you come up with your product's name?

Your talisman

"The trees you see on top of buildings under construction are a tradition that symbolizes that no one died during the project and serve as a talisman for good luck." What's your talisman for your business?

How valuable?

"The world is currently experiencing a vanilla shortage; 16 ounces of vanilla extract now goes for $90!" How valuable is your product?

Aim for excellence

"When Charlie Chaplin won his honorary Oscar in 1972 for “the incalculable effect he has had in making motion pictures the art form of this century” he received a 12 minute standing ovation." Aim for excellence that would deserve a standing ovation.

Never mislead

"A New York man sued Miller Brewing Co. for false advertising, claiming that its Fosters commercials convinced him that the beer was Australian. In fact, the beer is actually brewed in Fort Worth, Texas." Never mislead people with your ads.

Missing out?

"Alexander Graham Bell offered to sell his telephone patent to Western Union for $100,000 in 1876. The committee appointed to investigate the offer concluded the telephone was "hardly more than a toy" and "inherently of no use to us"." What opportunity are you missing out on?

Source: Reddit

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