Go vote!

“California law allows employees to take two hours paid time off in the beginning or end of the work day to vote on election day” Should be the case everywhere. Go vote!

A UNIQUE selling proposition

”They say Calvin Klein's cologne 'Obsession' can draw big cats like tigers and jaguars from as far as half a mile, who then proceed to taking long sniffs and cuddling against the source, savouring the smell much longer than they savour even their meals.” Scary good, or plain scary? Either way, they sure got themselves a UNIQUE selling proposition...

Your effect

"When it rains, people publish more negative posts on Facebook. Each negative post negatively affects one to two other people. The negative post spreads like contagion, negatively affecting people's moods in cities without rainfall. Social networks magnify the synchronisation of global moods." Think about the effect you have on other people. It might be more significant than you anticipated...

Your time

"Extreme commuters find it cheaper to take a flight to San Francisco than to live there." How much is your time really worth?

Make it big

The movie "Paranormal Activity" had a budget of only $15,000 but made $194 million. During the screening, people were walking out that one studio executive thought the film was bombing. They later learned that the viewers were actually leaving because they were too frightened. Having a small business and budget doesn't mean you won't make it big.

One job less

“In the future, self driving vehicles are going to drive themselves back to the dealership when payments are missed.” Dept-collectors will have one job less...

A new generation

“Earlier people used to write personal stuff in their diaries and get mad when people read them. Now people write personal stuff on social media and get mad when people DON'T read them.” Has social media fostered a whole generation of exhibitionists?

Know your audience

“The gluten free trend has been on the rise since 2011 with over 18 million Americans claiming to be ‘gluten sensitive’ despite only 1.76 million being diagnosed as having celiac disease. Studies show that the trend is growing in 3 demographics - white, under 40, female.” If you know who your target audience is exactly, and market your product well enough, they don’t even require to have a need in order to buy.

A reflection

“Someone has your dream job and hates going to work every day.” And somewhere, someone’s wishing they had yours - a reflection that can provide some much needed perspective on tough days.

Prove everyone wrong

“In 1925, wanting publicity for his television, John Logie Baird went to the Daily Express to promote it. The editor was so terrified by his invention that he said, "For God's sake, go down to reception and get rid of a lunatic who's down there. He says he's got a machine for seeing by wireless!” How many people inventing great things have had to beat accusations of being crazy before proving everyone wrong?

Pretty good

“90% of the ads on Spotify tell you how free Spotify’s really bad.” Your free product has to be pretty d*mn good to be able to talk bad about it in order to upgrade someone whilst they’re using said product.

Let them know

“We always say "stupid autocorrect" but never give it positive feedback for the 97% of the work it does.” Next time you’re HAPPY with a product or service, let them know!

Enough success

“When rappers get face tattoos, all they’re saying is that they’re successful enough to never have to try to get a normal job.” What would you do if you knew you’d never run the risk to have to go back to 9-5?

Helpful but risky

“Google translate is like a person who knows many languages but is not good at any of them.” Helpful at times, but risky when ordering at a restaurant.

Missing a niche?

“The super-rich have fast cars, private jets, many large homes, exclusive designer fashion, live-in chefs, original artworks, and the same phone as you.” Are phone-makers missing a niche market?

Missing the boat

“There's a scene in Forest Gump showing that he made a ton of money from Apple stock purchased in the 70s. When we saw that scene in 1994 we all realised we missed the boat on that one.” Are you missing an opportunity like that today?

About niching

“Pineapple on pizza is like the country music of pizza. People either like it or they will literally hate anyone that even speaks of it.” Niching doesn’t make you loved by everyone, but the ones who do will be dedicated.


“It kinda makes sense that the target audience for fidget spinners lost interest in them so quickly.” If you want long-term commitment, don’t target under 15’s.

The greatest ideas

“Somebody at Google was just like "yea, just have someone drive down every road on frickin’ earth”. Some of the greatest ideas take an incredible amount of work, and a belief that anything is possible.

Something to consider

“If you’re only friendly to people you like, you’re not actually friendly.” Something to consider when meeting people today.

More initiatives

“Residents in Surabaya, Indonesia can pay for the bus with plastic waste instead of money. Paying with plastic will grant you with 2 hours of travel. The aim is to reduce plastic waste whilst getting more people to use public transport, thus lowering the number of cars on the road.” If we’re going to have any chance to make a real difference for our climate, we’ll need more initiatives like this one.

The real winner

"The real winner of an internet debate is the one who came to their senses and stopped responding." Sometimes, being the bigger person means walking away.

Never put off

“Time seems to speed up as we get older because each year we live is a smaller percentage of the total amount of time we’ve been alive. It’s called proportional theory.” Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.


“That people who work for Waffle House Corporate spend one day a year working in a Waffle House restaurant.” Ikea does the same thing. How are you going to lead successfully without hands-on experience of the business customers interact with?

New level

“A company used professional "fired men" as department store scapegoats who were fired several times a day to please customers who were disgruntled about some error.” Taking the “customer is always right” motto to a new level.

Source: Reddit

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