Don’t Target Only One Customer

Most marketers tend to target one type of customer – this is a wasted opportunity! At any time customers with varying levels of interest can enter any part of your marketing process. A strategy that does not account for these customers will lose out on some serious cash.

As a marketer, you need to differentiate between customers who are ready to buy your product from those who are not yet ready. The ones who aren’t ready yet need to be helped along in their buying journey, this means they need to be targeted a bit differently than the ones who are ready. I will show you an automated process called the Modular Marketing Funnel that works to target each group accordingly.


The 3 Types Of Customers

The three types of customers we will be targeting can be broken down into these groups as Derek Halpern explains it: The first group, we call them the “Oblivious.” These are the “Oblivious” ones who don’t even realize that they have a problem in their business and they haven’t any clue as to what the problem is.

The second group, we call them the “Afflicted.” The “Afflicted” have a better idea of what their problem is, but they don’t know how exactly to fix it.

Then there is the third group that we call the “Informed.” The “Informed” know exactly what they want because they know what their problem is and they have an idea of the solution.

We can be successful with each of these groups, but we need to employ different strategies within our funnel for each of them.

How The Modular Marketing Funnel Works

There are three pieces of the modular marketing funnel and each one corresponds to a different customer type. These pieces are Facebook ads that send traffic to your blog, an email series, and an evergreen funnel that goes to a webinar. To build this funnel we will start with the customer type that is most likely to convert then work our way to the other types.

Start by building a funnel for the “Informed” group. To target the “Informed” customers we build a funnel and webinar that are both evergreen. We want to use an evergreen webinar and funnel with “Informed” customers because the process can easily be automated and these customers can go through and convert at any time of the year. These are great customers and they are easy to sell to.

For the “Afflicted” customers, I build a 5 to 9 day email series. Your goal is to change “Afflicted” customers into “Informed” customers. The email course works to create an ongoing conversation that informs the customer about your product.

This moves them from being “Afflicted” with a problem to becoming “Informed” about their problem. Now they are ready for the evergreen webinar and funnel. We want to convince “Afflicted” customers that they can be helped and then we follow up by providing a solution for their problem.

Finally, we can use Facebook ads to drive the coldest traffic – the “Oblivious.” The goal of the Facebook ads is to change “Oblivious” customers into “Afflicted” ones by catching their interest and directing them to a blog which will introduce them to the email course we created for our other “Afflicted” buyers.

Facebook ads are a great way to get traffic because you can target customers based off a wide array of data points. The blog will aim to get “Oblivious” customers to think about their problems, and if they are within our target market then they may be naturally inclined to join the email series. If a member of the “Oblivious” group decides not to take the course, you can simply re-target them.

When an “Oblivious” customer enters the funnel there is a clear journey to become an “Informed” customer. By taking into account each customer’s interest level, we are allowing less conversions to fall through the cracks. We are leveraging each individual buyer for the maximum possible value.

If you follow this plan you will have a process that has the potential to change even your coldest customers into converting customers. No leads left behind! It’s all about taking full advantage of the traffic you’re receiving.  

Action Steps

  1. Create an automated evergreen funnel for your most “Informed” leads so that they can be converted at any time of the year.
  2. Create a funnel to convert “Afflicted” leads to “Informed” leads. Use a 5 to 9 day email series that introduces your product then finally introduces them to the evergreen webinar and funnel.
  3. Attract “Oblivious” leads through Facebook Ads. Redirect them to a blog that gets them to think about their problems and introduces them to the “Afflicted” email series. Re-target them if they do not opt in to the process.


Results You Will Achieve

A process to target all customer’s of varying interest getting even your coldest leads to convert.

Mentor: Greg Hickman

Founder & CEO at, helped clients implement funnels/systems that enabled them to break $1mm annually and many others to more than double their business in the last 14 months

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.