My Story – Bringing My Strategy To Scale

When I started my business I sent my customers personal emails asking for feedback. I was looking to add value to their product experience. This was my mindset for my business and I began using marketing automation to fulfill the same purpose once I brought my business to scale.

If you don’t feel like you can send personal emails like I did, marketing automation can make it easier. Marketing automation is merely an extension of your marketing strategy. It is important that you figure out your approach to marketing, then start implementing marketing automation.

New Technology

With new marketing automation technology constantly developing it is important that we are up to date with the newest trends. I would like to introduce you to a new marketing channel that you can use to extend your overall strategy – Push Notifications.

I’ve seen them bring in an average click rate of 10% which is much better than email. So would you like to give it a shot and add a new channel to your marketing arsenal?


Push And Notify

If you have downloaded an app on your phone in today’s world the chances are you have received a Push Notification. Push Notifications offer a direct way to communicate to your customers that other channels most notably emails, can’t replicate. You have direct access to your customer even when their phones are on the lock screen.

Interestingly enough compared to email, Push Notifications are secure from spam like behavior. People are way more cautious to give away their email address than they are to opt-in to a Push Notification. With Push Notifications there is no address they need to give you and there is no data that can be given away to a third party.

The opt-in process is simple, just ask prospects if they want to opt-in to notifications. It’s a no brainer to use these in your current marketing strategy. I will show you two strategies you can get started with right now.  

Two Tips To Better Use Push Notifications

First, try sending your Push Notifications in the morning or the evening. We noticed that Push Notifications sent at those times tend to have a better click rate. This has a lot to do with user psychology as people are more likely to check Push Notifications before work or after work. People who are trying to concentrate at work often try to ignore messages during the day.

Second, I recommend sending multiple Push Notifications a week. Don’t send Push Notifications every day unless you are approaching this from an e-commerce perspective. But from a lead generation perspective it seems that sending multiple notifications with information about the product really helps to inform the customer. This means that Push Notifications are a great place to employ a nurturing strategy to drive conversions.

One more thing as a bonus, Push Notification campaigns can achieve most of the same objectives as email marketing campaigns. Typically they can achieve much higher click-through rates because when people opt in to receive Push Notifications they are giving you permission to message them through this channel. It’s less likely that they will see your content as spam.

The added security to the end user allows customers to have greater confidence in your messaging. By using these two strategies you can improve your Push Notifications click rate and get started on implementing them into your overall marketing strategy. Get creative with this new technology and move beyond these tips!

Here’s a beginner’s guide to web push notifications by PushCrew, which is a web push notification platform by Wingify (Paras’ company).

Action Steps

  1. Add Push Notifications as a channel.
  2. Send your Push Notifications during the morning or evening time.
  3. Send multiple Push Notifications a week, but don’t spam your customer.
  4. Split test a Push Notifications campaign with email marketing and judge results.
  5. Be creative with you messages and continue to innovate.


Result You Will Achieve

How to utilize a new marketing channel that can be more effective than email marketing.  

Mentor: Paras Chopra

Founder & CEO at Wingify, at $15mn annual run rate and completely bootstrapped. Paras Chopra have been an entrepreneur in marketing space for last 7 years. Also grown his company to 150 people with a strong marketing team. Paras is embedded in marketing domain and have to keep up with what works and what doesn’t work.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.