10 Tools You Need to Host Your First Virtual Conference

Hosting a virtual conference may look overwhelming, especially if you have no idea where to start. But thankfully, you have a lot of tools at your disposal to help you save time and effort while creating an online event that can generate you a lot of leads and customers in a few days.

Check out the tools you’ll need to conduct virtual conferences, as well as our recommended top picks:


A high-quality webcam can make a great first impression on your virtual conference attendees.

Logitech C930e Webcam

Using 1080P technology, the Logitech C930e webcam gives you high video resolution with 4x digital zoom capabilities perfect for encoding a smooth video stream.

This webcam is also compatible with video recording sites like Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, and Zoom, so you can easily host virtual conferences.


Meeting Owl Pro

Like the Logitech c930e webcam, the budget-friendly Meeting Owl Pro has a 1080p resolution that allows you to record sharp videos even in low light. It can also automatically focus on people once they start to speak.

This webcam is suitable for mid-sized and large conference room meetings.

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam

Razer Kiyo has a built-in 5600K daylight-balanced ring light that helps you get a better image quality than your usual webcam. It also reduces graininess and enhances video details, even in darker environments.


Having great audio keeps your attendees engaged throughout the online event.

Shure CVG18

This premium gooseneck microphone can block out noise and interference from smartphones and other wireless devices. It is ideal for use in corporate facilities, boardrooms, and online conference rooms.

BeyerDynamic Classics BM

If you prefer a ceiling mic that does not break the bank, the BeyerDynamic Classics BM is a great choice. Its unobtrusive design is perfect for ceiling or tabletop mounting. It also has a balanced frequency response that results in high-quality speech reproduction.


Audio-Technica Pro 44

Coming from the reputable Japanese brand Audio-Technica, the Pro 44 delivers clear audio with its wide-range condenser and low-mass diaphragm. It also does not need an external power source because it operates on batteries.

Video Recording Software

With a video recording software, you can interview your guests and speakers online and record it so that you can broadcast it at a later time.


As one of the most popular video recording software online, Zoom features a lot of customizations for both hosts and participants. It is also competitively priced, not to mention free for one-on-one meetings and conferences not lasting beyond 40 minutes.

BlueJeans Meetings

If you want to leverage whiteboard and screen sharing capabilities, BlueJeans Meetings excels in that. It also features Dolby Sound-enabled rooms for a unique audio experience for the participants.


Small businesses looking to create their first online event will find ClickMeeting easy to use. You can try it even without giving your credit card details. It is also great for conducting one-off webinars.

Video Editing Software

Smoothen the rough edges of your raw videos with a video editing software.


Camtasia is a popular and user-friendly video editing software that can record your screen and add callouts. It is a nifty video editor for virtual conferences and online courses alike.



Mac users can use iMovie for their video editing needs, as it supports 4K videos to create cinema-quality films. It also features a wide variety of filters, animations, special effects, and soundtracks.

Adobe Premiere Pro

If you are willing to invest in a high-end video editing software, then nothing beats Adobe Premiere Pro. It features tons of creative tools and integrations that can help you create powerful videos for film, TV, and the internet – including online conferences.

Sales Funnel Builder

Easily convert your leads into customers by using a sales funnel builder.


Set up a professional sales funnel for your virtual conference using ClickFunnels’ drag and drop builder. It allows you to add customers to your database, generate new leads, sell your products, and offer upsells easily.


With Leadpages, you can create websites and landing pages designed to attract users to register for your virtual summit. It features a drag and drop builder and a wide variety of templates to help you create websites optimized for both desktops and mobile devices.


You can create fast-loading custom websites with Instapage. Use the various tools and features offered by Instapage to help you increase your revenue from your virtual conference.

Video Host

A video hosting software allows you to embed your videos on your landing pages so that your attendees can easily watch them.


Vimeo gives you unlimited bandwidth and ad-free displays for your videos. Though it has a free plan, you can upload large-sized videos through its affordable premium plan that also includes privacy options and video editing capabilities.



As the top video hosting website on the internet, YouTube is easy to use, even for total beginners. You can upload videos, create channels, and build a following using YouTube.


Designed for marketers and businesses, Wistia is a great video hosting platform for virtual events. You can easily integrate it with email marketing services and CRM software.

Email Autoresponder

Email marketing platforms let you promote your virtual conference to maximize the number of attendees.


With ActiveCampaign, you can send automated newsletters and emails to your registrants whenever you want. It allows you to customize your campaign so that you can target specific groups of users and make every email feel more personal.


ConvertKit prides itself on automating emails for online creators, including virtual summit hosts. It integrates with the best tools to help you run your online conference smoothly, such as Zapier, WordPress, and Teachable.


Make email marketing simple and stress-free with AWeber. It features a drag and drop email and landing page designer, a pre-built template library, and campaign automation that does the bulk of the work for you.

Graphic Design Software

With the following graphic design software, you can easily create promotional graphics for your upcoming virtual conference, even if you are not a professional graphic designer.


Canva offers thousands of stock photos, design elements, and templates for both print and web-based graphics and images. Its drag and drop feature and adjustable filters enable you to create professional-looking visuals within minutes.



Create stunning graphics for your blogs, websites, and social media pages with Snappa. It also has a library of free high-resolution stock photos, 200-plus fonts, and 70,000 vectors that you can mix and match to create a custom design of your own.

Adobe Spark Post

Available on both mobile and desktop devices, Adobe Spark Post is a simpler alternative to the more complicated Adobe graphic design software like Photoshop and Illustrator. Its premium version even features animated effects.

Payment Processing Software

Collect payments easily from your attendees with the following payment processing platforms.


Online businesses have long used Stripe to handle their online payments. It can be used for e-commerce websites, crowdfunding platforms, and virtual events.


As one of the most popular payment processing software, PayPal is easily accessible to virtual conference attendees all over the world. It also has a suite of management tools and invoicing options.


With Cvent Payment Services, you can collect fees, automate refunds, and get easy access to your payments. It supports all major credit card types and multiple currencies.

Membership Program Software

A membership site lets attendees who bought your All-Access Pass retrieve the meetings anytime they want.


If you want a simple and user-friendly membership site, you should give MemberMouse a try. It directly integrates with onsite payment processors and allows you to segment your members so that they will only see the content they paid for.


As a WordPress membership plugin, MemberPress is easy to install in any WordPress site and helps you instantly charge for access. It also enables you to create unlimited amounts of product pages and membership levels to easily manage your site.


Memberful is a popular membership platform for people offering online courses and virtual events. Some of its features include file downloads, coupon codes, physical items, and analytics integration.

With these tools, it is now easier and less time-consuming to host your virtual conference. Just make sure that you choose the options that fit your current needs and budget.