Happy New Year!

Feeling rested after the holidays and ready to get back into growing your business again?

We sure are!

We finished off 2018 with making some big plans for the new year, and I thought this would be the perfect time to share them with you.

Teaching you the most effective way to generate leads and build authority

A few months back, we did a pre-launch of our new training program, called Virtual Summit Academy where we teach how to run a successful virtual summit in just 90 days.

Most of you would’ve met me through one of our virtual summits – we’ve launched 14 since 2015 and they have been life-changing for me.

Never had I imagined how powerful they’d be for lead generation and building authority.

Over the years, the number of requests from our audience to teach our system so that you can run your own successful virtual summit has increased to the point that Sarah and I couldn’t keep fending them off.

We are now confident we have the experience and tools to teach you how to set up and launch your own, profitable summit, so the timing is just right.

The Virtual Summit Academy was born in late 2018, and for our first group of students, it has proven an amazing resource.

Over the next few months they’ll be kicking off their very own summits, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the results!

If running your own virtual summit is something you’re considering, watch this space!

If you’re not sure right now, keep an eye on your inbox as I’ll be telling you more about how a virtual summit could change the way you generate leads and profit, whatever niche you’re in!

The Strategies You Need For Massive Growth in 2019

Not only are we teaching you how to run a virtual summit this year, but in true Entrepreneurs HQ style, we’ll be launching a few of our own.

First out in March, 2018 is the Growth Marketing Success Summit, because what better way to begin 2019 than learning and implementing strategies to grow your business?

Our lineup has a track-record that is out of this world. The results these growth hackers and entrepreneurs have racked up over the years are impressive, to say the least.

These speakers are some of the most clever marketing strategists out there and they spend hundreds of hours and big budgets to test their strategies, whilst you, on the other hand, will get them all for free.

If you’re excited about that, you won’t have to wait long. I’ll invite you guys to this event very soon!

There are a few more things we’ll be launching over the coming months, and I’ll be surprising you with them soon. Keep watching your inbox for emails from Entrepreneurs HQ.

We’re already on the second week of the year, and I can tell 2019 will be a great one from small business online.

I’m grateful for another year to help you grow your businesses.

Let’s do this!

Mentor: Liam Austin

Co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ, a community of 150,000+ small business owners. Liam delivers one marketing tactic each morning via his email newsletter EHQ Daily, and runs live training and masterminds inside EHQ Club.