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Leon Jay

Founder at FusionHQ

Leon is founder and creator of FusionHQ.com, an information and affiliate marketing platform with integrated mailer, a visual drag and drop email funnel system. He is also the founder of sendfish.net, a free autoresponder, mail funnel and landing page builder.

Leon has launched and consulted for multiple 6 and 7 figure launches where he has often been responsible for designing the email campaign sequences and writing the copy.

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Creating an evergreen launch 

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Don’t get me wrong, the traditional launches is great. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also extremely stressful. The other problem with a traditional launch is you don’t know how it’s going to go.

I mean, you know, one launch you don’t expect to do too well and it makes maybe six figures. Plus another launch you are expecting to do seven figures plus barely breaks five figures. And that’s the that’s the truth.

You know, not every launch goes according to plan. And you can put a lot of time and a lot of energy into setting everything up. The problem is that once that three to seven day period of the launch is over, basically it’s over. All of that hard work is a flash in the pan.

And even if you’re lucky enough to break the seven figures, I mean, don’t get me wrong again, it’s an awesome feeling. It’s extremely exciting. And you’re very happy. And it does wonders for the bank account, but it’s not a business.

You know, it’s very, very easy to burn through that cash. And so it’s not ongoing revenue, it’s not reoccurring revenue. And if you want any form of security, you need that recurring, you need that consistent cash flow.

And that’s where the evergreen launch really comes in. Because again, a traditional launch is very much optimized around this idea of creating scarcity to increase conversions. I mean, that’s essentially the purpose.

A launch is to generate a pile of buzz, get people’s interest, and then create a scarcity that will get people to convert on the spot. So with an evergreen, it takes the same kind of philosophy.

The only difference is that people don’t realize necessarily that it is scheduled, it’s all sequence everything is pre designed. And that everybody is going to go through the same process at the set point in time after joining your list.

And now the downside to that is you don’t get the massive buzz from multiple affiliates mailing from different directions, you don’t get all of the social media hype of a lot of people talking about it online. And that does affect the conversions from that site, and you won’t get quite as high conversions.

But on the on the plus side, you have this consistent scarcity offer that’s going out to your list and that means you’re able to optimize it and I mean, again, in a traditional launch, the downside is that you can do some optimization but you only get a few attempts with your personal list or some warm affiliates than they do some early on testing to get up, to get your conversions up within a launch.

But within an evergreen launch, you can be constantly testing, you can be constantly optimizing, so you can ultimately increase your open rates, your click through rates, your conversions, your opt ins, etc, etc, throughout the entire process.

And, you know, just like a traditional launch, you will have the, you have a squeeze page essentially to capture your launch list. You have a little bit of a warm up some pre launch email to deliver some content, deliver value, establish authority, establish credibility, and to pre educate a lead and then you go into the launch phase.

Now, what I really like about evergreen launches is the fact that your launch phase can be literally, in our experience, 36 hours to three days. So it’s a lot shorter period of time than perhaps a big launch.

Now, the reason this is really cool is because actually it increases the conversions because the time scarcity is so much shorter. In a in a traditional launch, which is usually five to seven days, you need all of that extra time for various affiliates to get on board to promote to build up the hype etc.

In an evergreen launch, you don’t necessarily need that. So you can create a much shorter launch period, which ultimately creates a greater degree of scarcity and ultimately increases the conversions which can help offset the decrease conversions from the lack of social media buzz.

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